I need help

I’ve been writing for the better part of 30 years, I’ve written what amounts to 6 books.
But for some reason I can not get any help with my project, because When I tell anyone that asks the question. We all know what that next question is don’t we? why can’t you get any help with your writing? And I then sit down to explain the why’s and what for’s and it seems that each time that I try to take a chance they just run. And I know that I haven’t done anything wrong…
but when I have told them that I’m disabled, it seems that up until that point I have someone interested in helping me but when that word comes out I automatically become some kind of flimflam man. And the truth is I have all the paper work to back up what I say it’s just that no one believes me. I have offered to show proof of what I say is true.

Will you be the one that will not be afraid to help someone that’s disabled.

Hi Ray
6 books worth of writing is a lot! That’s something to be proud of!
What kind of help are you looking for? You don’t say, making it tough to provide any advice or suggestions.

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They are books about what happened in my past. Only they are done a page at a time and on each page there is 1 thought and it’s set up with 365 pieces to a book.
If you would like to talk to me about my books call me at (admin: phone number deleted, please use forum PM to get in touch!)

my name is Ray


I’m still not sure what you’re looking for. An editor? To do what? Help you convert 6 years of daily thoughts/ideas into 6 publishable books? Do you need grammar and spelling suggestions, say from a proof reader? Do you need someone to comment and critique on structure?

It could help to clarify all of that. I say it “could” help and not “will” help for a number of reasons.

First reason: is your project gay and mind control themed? You’re on a gay mind control (and related link) forum. You haven’t mentioned anything about that yet. You’re unlikely to get help from people on this forum if those kinks aren’t explored in your writing. Even then, not everyone will be interested in whichever variant of that kink your stories/ideas/drafts explore.

Secondly: without knowing any details, this sounds like a huge undertaking for anyone who gets involved. How much spare time do you expect others to have to help you with this? Personally, I have enough on my plate in my life right now that reading stuff from my favorite authors and providing any feedback is already a challenge. I don’t have time to sign onto something that sounds like it will be a full time job, or take 10 years in my spare time.

Not having any idea about what your project is or if it is something I’d be interested in already makes me wary of asking more.

If your writing is not gay mind control related, I suggest posting on a different forum. I believe you will have little luck on here and will get further frustrated.

If your writing is gay mind control related, I suggest splitting it up conceptually into smaller projects, and asking for help on those smaller projects. For instance, even if you want to make a novel, split it up into chapters and try to get help with each individual chapter. That way someone who agrees to help you doesn’t feel like they’re signing onto a huge time consuming amount of work. Something along the lines of “Could anyone help me by reading a chapter of the book I’m working on? The main character has a mind control device that he uses to seduce his next door neighbor. I’d like to publish it but my spelling and grammar aren’t the best, so I need help with that.” Or “I have the outline of a chapter but need help shaping it into something coherent and would like someone to discuss this chapter with.”

Alternatively, if you just want to discuss your ideas, post something here about one of them. “So, one of the ideas I’m exploring in my writing is… Does anyone have any ideas on where I could take that? Or, this is what I’ve got so far. What do you think? Good idea? Bad idea? Any suggestions?”

Hopefully what I said helps. Getting people to help with your writing, the way you want and need it, is hard.


So, reading your original post again, it starts to make a lot of sense.

People are not running from you because they find out you’re disabled. They’re running from you because the more you reveal about yourself, the more and more apparent it becomes that you have completely unreasonable expectations of what other people should be willing to do for you with zero incentive.

Unless you’re gonna pay good money, I doubt anyone here will help you with this.

Broadly speaking, I have to agree with what MonsterMash62 and Swizzington have said. You’ve come to a site that’s based around hypnosis, mind control, and transformations, and you’re asking for help with writing that sounds like it has little, if anything, to do with that topic. That’s like running into a fire station and wondering why nobody gives you help when you tell them you witnessed a crime. All they can do is refer you to the police. So, that same thing is happening here: we’re telling you that you’re not in the right place for the help you want.

But your initial post also makes it pretty clear that the help you want isn’t reasonable for unpaid work. Editors get paid money to review a single book—you’re asking someone to do six books for free. Sure, authors often attract volunteer proofreaders and beta readers, but that’s usually because the reader gets something out of it on some level—the reader enjoys the author’s writing and gets to see early versions nobody else does, or perhaps it’s more an “I’ll read yours if you read mine” exchange. You, however, are offering nothing.

I think your last couple of posts were really telling, though. You said in your initial post that you know you’ve done nothing wrong. You need to re-evaluate that statement. In your handful of posts here, you’ve done a great many things wrong, including not understanding that you’re asking for help from the wrong people, asking for massive amounts of free work with absolutely no compensation of any kind, and going on to blame/bitch at the very people who are trying to guide you to understanding what the real problems are. And somehow, you think this is about some unspecified disability where, in reality, nobody has any what the disability is, so nobody cares about that in the least.

So, let me offer you one small reassurance to help set your mind at ease: your disability isn’t the problem here, and likely never has been!