Idea: Convict Conditioning

Hi everyone. I’m new here but want to share my idea, as my writing skill is not enough to make up a story. So I’m writing here, seeking for authors to complete it.

Everyone should have heard about Convict Conditioning, right? That is a book talking about using some secret training method learnt in prison, to build up muscle without going to a gym. Well we all know it actually not that work, but I just want to use that idea.

That is, to build a Prison-themed Gym teaching Convict Conditioning. Trainees will have to stay in a cell, while a trainer will be dressed like a jailer providing one-on-one training sessions. The training results of those who actually joined have improved significantly even when viewed from the side, and all the members gather and praise this gym.

Only members are allowed to go to the gym, and getting the membership you will have to pass the qualification test or recommended by a current member. The test will be base on the applicants’ working history, sports experience, height, weight, strength, endurance, three size, etc. Once you have pass the test or you get the recommendation, you will eventually have to stay in the jail for one day, to ensure you can tolerant staying in a small space for a long time.

However, staying in the jail for one night is a trap. In the cell there will be a TV. Trainers will tell you the TV will show a movie about the gym and Convict Conditioning, but for true that will be a programming video with subliminal. Watching it for long time you will think of yourself as a real prisoner, a prisoner of the gym. You will need to focus on workout to make yourself fit, and obey every order from jailers, in order to get out the jail.

The story will divide into three parts. First part will be a jock getting recommendation from his coach, any sports you like for imagination. The coach actually pay for the gym to brainwash the ace of the team, to make the jock become his sex toy. The coach will appear as a guest jailers to enjoy the brainwashed jock in the cell.
The second part will be a man joining the gym as a trainer. He will also go through the brainwash process. He will than be sent to train normal prisoner, or to recruit prisoner from outside. Once he find a suitable victim, he will show the subject a programmed video with a smart phone. This video will only enhance the willing to join the gym, and the subject will go to the gym on his own will. The trainer will get the virgin of the subject as a bonus.
The third part will be a undercover going to the gym, as there are rumors saying the gym secretly selling people. Of course he will no doubt become one of the prisoners, and grab his officer buddies and supervisor to the gym. The gym owner will then hold an auction for these well-trained officers.

That’s it for my idea. If anyone is interested, just feel free to take the idea to write a story.