Idea: (Don't) Press it

Borrowed from a nice Mind Control-reality warping story from Mcstories.

I think its best just to share the set up itself. Warning, not only is there heterosexuality but it centers on a woman and her changes. The Story is called The Button. But I think it introduces a wonderful route of transformation and mind-control and story structure anyone who reads this might want to consider. Everytime you press it you can change something about your life/self/body. But someone else (perhaps after the first freebie) gets equal chance to change you!

Ethyl sat on her vinyl dinette set and stared at the big red button sitting on the middle of the cracked and stained tabletop. She kept running the events of the day through her mind.
She had answered the door to reveal a tall, middle-aged, well-dressed man holding an expensive-looking briefcase. She wished she had changed out of her frumpy house dress before she had answered the door.
“Good morning, Miss Rigby. My name is Mr. McKenzie, and I have a proposal for you. May I come in?” Ethyl was flustered by the request. Her small apartment was not nice at the best of times, and she had not cleaned it in a while. As she was trying to stutter out a polite refusal, Mr. McKenzie reached out and gently took her hand. “My dear Miss Rigby. Please invite me in. I do not care what your place looks like, and I am not here to judge.”
With a resigned sigh, Ethyl stepped aside and let the man in. He promptly sat at the rickety little table and pulled something out of his briefcase- a box with a clear top. He set it on the table and released a catch. When it was opened, there was a large red button inside, and nothing else she could see.
“Miss Rigby, I am here on behalf of my client, who shall remain anonymous. He has instructed me to give you this button and to explain to you how it works, which is simplicity itself. Every time you push the button, one of your fantasies will come true. Each time you push it, a small change will occur in your life- a change determined by your heart’s desires. When the changes occur, only you and my client will remember how things used to be- for the rest of the world, it will be as if the changes had always existed.”
Ethyl listened with a skeptical mind. “And how, exactly, does this work? Some sort of magic? What is the game here?”
Mr. McKenzie smiled slightly and told her that the ‘how’ was a secret that even he did not know… He did indeed know it would work exactly as described, but not the ‘how’.
“What’s the catch? Does someone on Earth die when I push it or something?” Ethyl asked, arms tightly folded across her bony chest.
“The only other thing that will happen is that one of my client’s fantasies will come true as well.” That led to a flurry of concerned comments from Ethyl. What sorts of sick fantasies does the client have? How will I know if it is something I want? Who IS this mysterious client? Do I know him? Why me? This cannot possibly work, can it? And so on. Mr. McKenzie weathered the storm of questions calmly. He could not speak to his client, his fantasies or motivations. . .
“Miss Rigby, I believe it is time to go. I have told you all I can. The only other thing of importance right now is to tell you that your first use is ‘free’, that is, none of his fantasies will be fulfilled. After that use, you may choose to use the box or not. Whenever you decide to stop using it, just close it and engage the lock, like so. Once locked, it will stop working and you cannot re-open it. Simply closing . . .[prevents] . . .accidental triggering, such as by one of your cats.”

This is the set up. A box with a button with those instructions. The how isn’t that fixed, though you can play with that, for sure. But just consider the possibilities of even an initial set up. Leaving it with a settle couple, a sad sack, nervous closet case, or just an object of someone’s affections. There can be a note (as in the original draft of this tale) or deliverer. You can make there be a delay, add a sense of mystery to who and where is the other person. Are they a powerful person setting them up. The classical “worst enemy” Their boss? Their mother, Or worse ex’s mother? And don’t forget the possibility of an accidental triggering or the slow tug of war/realization of changes or not being aware as they tumble into their other’s clutches.

Just wanted to share the possibility