Idea: wanna do a sub chapter of my story?

I have a large story,

It’s like an ‘over arching story’, the finale is already written (it’s completely deus ex machina, and wont effect the previous chapters) and an introduction is already written.

But there is a reason why it would be absolutely perfect for other writers to “take a chapter”

Do we think that would be a bit of fun? or a load of stress?

For the time being, what are the feelers for anyone being even slightly interested in this?

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Sounds like a fun idea, though I’ve got too much on my plate atm to volunteer, myself. It might be a good idea to indicate at least what kind of environment/setup this is, so other writers will have a better idea if it’s up their alley or not.

Yeah, you see that;s the trick.
It’s specific enough, and just putting feelers out is about all I’m able for.
God I was lying in bed last night thinking “:flushed: what if i dont even up liking the story, like my parts, and i wanna end up pulling it?”

It might be a bridge to far, until I’m a more confidant writer

I’d say don’t worry too much about your own writing. Your skills will change over time. There’s things I look at that I wrote 10+ years ago where I feel like they’re total shit, and other stuff where I’m like, “Did I write that? That’s really good! I don’t think I could write that even with all the experience I have now…how in the hell did I write it then?” :smile:

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