Hi, I love the stories here, but I was wondering if any writers here would be interested in letting me do some illustrations for their stories?

Happy to chat about it. I am an avid sketcher and amateur illustrator who would love to develop my skills. Examples of my work ABHSKETCHES - Hobbyist | DeviantArt can be found here!

Drop me a line, let’s have a chat.



That’s actually a great offer! I’m not writing at the moment, but I’m sure that some authors would love to have their stories illustrated.


Interesting idea and nice of you to offer that, Benji! I’ve been told in the past that some of my stories or scenes are very visual and could be sketched out, but obviously I don’t have such skills or tools to do it. If you have any interests in my stories, we could talk. :wink:


Happy to have a chat!! Exciting times

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I’d be also be interested. Sent a message your way. :slight_smile:

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Your stuff is really good and I for one would love to have my stories illustrated…feel free to do so.

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I agree that illustrations with a story can add to the overall quality of it. I just started to write here, and must still find out if this is the best place. Although I really admire the project and the way it develops. I have illustrated the stories with photographs, mainly my own. Of course drawings might also fit in well. And your offer is great Benji. Some of your work might fit in well. Let’s talk about it when you have had a chance to see what I have written so far. Is that an idea?

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Yes, interested!

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