I'm just too curious not to ask... are there any other ladies on this site?

Wassup. I’m a woman. I’ve been reading stories on this site for years, since I was a teenager. This is just what I’ve always been into. It’s good shit, and I absolutely love Martin for running it and keeping it going.

I hope I’m not intruding by commenting here and participating in the forum. Sometimes I feel like a creepy voyeur. I have nothing but respect for you guys, you guys are awesome, your stories are awesome, and I’m just glad this site exists. So I hope you guys don’t mind.

Anyway… are there any other women here? I’ve always assumed I’m alone. Who knows. Maybe I’m not as much of an outlier as I think.


While I’m a guy I do say hello and welcome.

I can’t say I’m surprised that there are women here actually as I know that say slash fabrication is more women then men. :slight_smile:

Yeah for sure, girls love “yaoi” and stuff. It’s common to see girls writing gay stories on AO3 and Tumblr, but it’s rarer to see girls commenting or writing on niche sites like these. I may write someday. Not sure.

I’m curious - are you a straight woman? What about gay mc stories gets you into it?

Glad you’re enjoying. I know I always enjoy reading your comments


Straight as can be. I’m not a tomboy type, per se, but I’ve always been the sort of girl who’s “one of the guys,” so I prefer stories written from a male perspective. They feel more real. I’m also a person who enjoys power, so I enjoy the concept of a man, especially a straight man, forced into being someone’s servant or sexual plaything, and liking it. The power being exerted over him is the real turn-on for me, and perhaps subconsciously I’m using it as my own power trip… I dunno.

You write good shit, Derek! I’ll keep commenting if you keep posting!

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You’re not the first woman I’ve met who’s into man-on-man. I’ve actually known a few. I think it’s comparable to how a lot of men are into woman-on-woman, though it does seem to be a lot less common for women than it is for men. Welcome to the site! I hope you enjoy what you find here.

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Welcome firesix. I recall (I think on MCstories) reading a male-male story and finding out it was written by a woman. And I heard elsewhere there are quite a number of woman who enjoy male-male stories. Always interesting to hear another perspective - and to hear your interest in powerplay. I’ve been brewing up such a story (though it’s far from ready).

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I especially like the aspect of gay powerplay specifically because of the humiliation it could bring someone, especially someone who prides themselves on their masculinity. This guy (Noah Syndergaard, pitcher for the New York Mets) is my main object of affection, so to speak… he’s a very confident and masculine guy. It turns me on to think about dominating him myself, but it turns me on even more to think of a man, especially one shorter and thinner than him, taking complete control over him, because the shame would increase so much. That, and my sort of bro-ish personality, are what draw me to this genre.

Look forward to the story, if it happens. Also, RobinHood70, I miss you, man. Post more. Your stuff is top notch.


Thanks! I’m actually just waiting on one of my proofreaders right now who’s got IRL stuff getting in the way. I haven’t been trying to rush him, either, cuz I’ve got a lot of work yet to do on the upcoming chapters.

Also, I’m chronically ill, so I can’t write as often as I might like. I have to wait for the combination of energy, horniness, and imagination to all come together, all of which vary significantly as a result of my illness. (ME/CFS, if you’re curious.)

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I’m sorry to hear that, dude. I’ve got an IV drip on my arm right now for a serious bone infection, so if it’s any consolation, we’re suffering together. It hurts to move my right arm. Meaning, sadly… well, you know.

I also have a guy I’ve been trying to impress. I’m not sure the IV will help.