Image repository


Stories don’t need images but sometimes images can garnish a story. I tend to search for images that reflect how the character has been described or how I picture them. Yet, it is usually hard to find what I want.

I am thinking of building a archive of sorts. My idea is to have a place where I can upload images and add tags to them so that I can retrieve them later when I need them. That way, if I’m looking for a blond chef with brown eyes and manly features, I can search the archive in the hope I collected one of those at some point.

And here is where I need your help:

Does anybody know of a site or platform where I could build this archive?

Thank you!

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there is
it’s powered by gelbooru, but it sounds similar to what you are looking for
I’m not sure if they allow non hypno images though

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I actually wanted to build it around non hypno images, and mostly non sexual images as well :smiley: But I highly appreciate your answer.