Images Options

@Martin I have been away for a while so I have not followed any new development of features. I have a concern. I love putting images in my stories, as you know, but some readers don’t like it. I saw in new stories that you had added a means of cliking on a image and making it full screen. Would it be possible to put links to images instead of images, so that people can read without images and click on the button to see images when they want to? I know you can already put links but they’d open in another browser page which is not what I’d like. Or even better, keep things as they are now but readers have a checkbox or something that hide the imges in the text by transforming them into such links to pop up images.


No, that option doesn’t exist yet. You could add it as a feature request though.

Also, are you aware of the new “SFW mode”?

Good afternoon, Mafisto.

Personally, I love the images. Please continue.