Is it possible to post pics in stories?

Would one of the moderators please explain if its possible or even allowed to post pics in a storytext. I think i saw links to pics, is this allowed? Thx in advance, Dylan

You can either add links to pic or embedd them in the story. Both can be done using the icons of the extended editor (or with the proper Markdown syntax).

As the site can’t host pictures itself right now, you have to use an external source for the pictures though.

You need to have a pure link URL to the picture (usually ending on .jpg or .png). You can test such an URL by copying it into the address bar of the browser. If the image shows up with no extra title, icons, frame or anything else, it’s most likely a pure link to the picture.

One easy way is to upload the pictures to one of our discord channels and then use the “Original image” link there, which is actually a pure link. Ask around for help, if you’re in doubt.

Then, while the story editor on the site is open move the cursor to the place you want the image to appear, click the “image” button in the editor’s toolbar and paste in that pure link. That should do the trick.

After you’ve saved the draft, you can see if it’s looking properly in the preview.

Hi Martin, thx for your quick answer. Since im no computer whiz i might have to experiment . Please check my next new chapter for mistakes!
Greets, Dylan

If you want to embed pics via Markdown, use the following formatting. I’ve tested it in Save & Preview and it works fine. For obvious reasons, I’m not going to actually publish a test document, but I can’t imagine it would be any different from the preview. The format to do that is:

![Your text goes here](https://UrlToPic.jpg).

If you just want to link it, take the ! off the beginning.

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Hi Robin Hood, sir. Thank you for your answer. Right now i consider if a pic helps or distracts, but whether or not your help is very useful!
Greets, Dylan

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