Is there any website or forum for sharing hypno videos?

As far as I know, people share videos of men being hypnotised on tumblr and youtube. But sometimes I find that youtube removes certain videos. I guess maybe because some videos are too erotic? too detailed? like there was one time I saw a video called ‘frat hypno’ on youtube (first saw it shard on tumblr). It was in a frat party for three or four young people. The hypnotism is very detailed and vivant. But a few days later when I want to watch it again. The video and the account are all gone.

I am wondering if there are forums or sites for videos of men hypnotised. maybe a quite secret one just like where we are right now. Anybody get ideas?

Someone one gave me a link to a site. It was like xtube or xxxtube - but wasn’t the same. There were a number of hypnosis videos, one series by someone who I recognized from Recon – his screenname is Horst. Maybe if you find him on Recon you can ask him.

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I’m rather old fashioned in that I have a gay porn video playing and a hypnosis/mc story playing side to side so I have the full experience. Worst part is adverts :frowning: Return

Same here. But I avoid advertisement like hell. I rather pay for my porn.

It’s not really my kink, but the closest I’ve seen are a couple Tumblr accounts - Hypno Eros is the only one that comes to mind. And the old site used to have what they claimed was original material, but I don’t know if they are still active.

The granddaddy of this site - - is still out there but doesn’t appear to have been updated in 10 years. Thom was collecting porn titles that featured gay hypnosis. Might also be of interest.


So I have created a discord channel for those that enjoy writing or reading gay transformation stories and hypnosis. You can use it to post stories, have role play/hypnosis chats, chat to like minded guys, share your favorite stories :slight_smile: It’s a place to have fun so please respect others, and let me know if you’d like to add new features.

If you have a transformation blog then please share this and let’s get this working!

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Oof…I use Discord at work so I’m conflicted even though there is a mute server option haha. Didn’t even think about making a Discord server.

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