Is this gay-centric enough?

So something I’ve enjoyed for a while is femdom, which obviously isn’t inherently gay (male). But what I particularly love is a woman who uses mind control of some sort, to alter a man in her life–even perhaps her boyfriend (with no female/male sex, though). A sort of straight-to-gay story, but where the woman might still be in some sort of a relationship with him rather than turning him loose once he starts fucking/getting fucked by every guy in sight.

Obviously there’d be more details and the focus, while she’d be involved in the story, would still be on the man’s changes and how it leads to him becoming very sexual and very gay.
Is that a) allowed
and b) something people are at all interested in? I know it’s vague but I’m mostly asking about the idea of a woman being a main character, even if not sexually involved, if that turns people off or brings away their interest.


I personally don’t mind a women exerting control over a man - as long as the sex is primarily gay. As a matter of fact, there are multiple stories on the site where a female forces her partner to become gay as part of a revenge or similar motive.

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It’s obviously allowed. And while there is of course nothing wrong with it for me femdom is a big no no and turn off and back space on page. So on wether people want it, for myself, the answer is no.

Seconded, no interest here either.

There are a few stories where a woman gets revenge on a man, or there’s some sort of curse (or as Martin says, an act of revenge) where a guy is turned into a stereotypical sissy boy. I like them as an act of revenge, rather than for its own characteristics.

I did Femdom in my Red Menace story. People seemed to enjoy but it also had less views/likes than most of my stories so it may not appeal to everyone.

Yeah, I figure that on a site pretty clearly branded gay that stuff approaches bi-centric stuff (like Moi) isn’t likely gonna be as popular. Glad to know it might still be of interest to some/is allowed, though. I’d like to fiddle with it when I have time and am not working directly on my current story.

I’ll check out your Red Menace story–I don’t think I’ve read it yet.