Island Story

So I don’t have the details or anything but I can’t help but keep the idea in mind of a bunch of guys crash land (either by boat or plane) on a lost or unknown island. These guys can be a bunch of sports players or college members or sexy dudes working for a number of corporations or unions or something. Upon arriving on the island mysterious things go on leading to a growing hypnotic trance causing more and more gay and submissive behavior among the straight guys.

Like I said I don’t have the details but I can’t help but keep this idea in my mind no matter how many island stories there are.

An area of effect? Or a spiritual being protecting the Island. Or perhaps just taking over the minds of those who visit to make new thralls.

Hmm. Well I didn’t exactly want to go a bit ‘evil’ in the sense of the guys loosing their minds. Buut I totally could see maybe something on the island - say a plant or a sound - that could be used by someone who discovers it, from my pov a main gay guy, that could lead to submission in others.

Gay guy spots guy looking for food get dusted by some random flower. Goes to check on guy, guy seems fine, but super submissive suddenly? Obedient almost? Gay guy tests theory. Theory is confirmed. Gay gets a blow job. Later on, guy who got dusted is tested for memory of experience. He remembers nothing, or does he? What he remembers, is a dream that he dares not share with the gay guy, having no idea it actually happened. The event turning him.

Slowly, gay guy gets more and more confident with the mechanics of the dust. Luring people to it, and trying more hardcore things. Or slowly trying to convert the group? Stuff like that.

I even like the idea of an Island that turns people gay, but a squad off straight guys dares to differ. As you said, the island has many ways of making the guys hallucinate or do things together. Fun times.

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Oh man just reading the first two paragraphs has me grinning at the utterly sexy nature of it. The idea of it being an accident at first is really cool, as does the testing and playing around and using it more and more. I also really like the idea that the straight guy pretends not to know what happened while thinking it was a dream, one that is surprisingly erotic and has him getting aroused and playing with himself while hiding in some bushes and stuff.

Maybe the gay guy himself is sort of immune to it, or maybe even better he gets pricked by say a thorn from another tree which causes him to gain an immunity to the flower while also leading to him becoming more dominant and such.

No intelligence lost, just an increased arousal and playful joy in sexual contact with men.

The third paragraph is also a very interesting idea for its own story. Imagine if its their gay friend or coworker or drinking buddy who first informed them about the island in the hopes of maybe getting a sort of harem together.

Such fun ideas. :slight_smile:

3rd paragraph would be a fun scenario, as would yours.

Could definitely give the main gay guy a power up. He goes to check a plant, gets pricked, and theorizes his immunity later. Maybe after a few encounters. Maybe he starts falling to the powers of the hypnosis eventually when one of the horny bottoms gives into his desires. But eventually the top confirms his resistance powers, and double abuses the fruits of the island.

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Yeah a bunch of straight guys thinking they are so mighty, so powerful, that nothing could effect them so why not go to the ‘gay island’ could be fun. Obviously as they spend time on the island more situations occur that lead them to gay antic after gay antic to the point that near the end they are making stuff up just to have some happy gay sex.

Oooh maybe one of the friends they bring is gay in order to provide a sort of control and safety net, not realizing that as a natural gay man the island will increase his sense of dominance and power and such to the point they become his needy good boys.

Beyond that I also love the ‘oops didn’t mean to get cut’ by the plant which leads to a sort of trance which leads to sexy times which lead to wanting more and repeat a couple of times.