Just uploaded a story and

I got two reviews from two separate logged-in accounts, each giving five stars in every single category. Holy shit! Seriously! You guys are the best. Made me all happy inside. Mwah. Much love.


Even though I didn’t have the chance to properly read your story (I need to be in the right ‘mood’ :smiling_imp:), I’m really looking forward to do that.

Women tend to have a great hand in writing gay stories. Which is curious. The greater part of yaoi and bara
stories are written by women. And funnily enough, though I’m not directly a die-hard fan of that genre, I have to admit that the way that many of them are written is very touching and sexy.

I always wondered where that fascination of women with gay sex is coming from - but maybe it’s not that surprising. Straight men are fascinated by lesbian sex as well, and, well, I can hardly condemn them for being in love with cute young gay men :heart_eyes:

Having said that, I’ve been in contact with the creator of the recently released yaoi/bara game on PC: To Trust an Incubus. It’s written by a woman, of course, and has some mind-control undertones (it’s about incubi after all). It’s not the best story in the world, at times it can be rather cheesy, but it’s fun to play and has some steamy sex scenes.

Anyway, thanks for staying with us, firesix, please write and publish more stories, they are very welcome! And have fun!