Kindle Unlimited Fetish-ey Romance

On a lark, I popped the free trial on Kindle Unlimited to check out some of the membership-included “books” (I put ‘book’ in quotes because none of these are of sufficient length to qualify as anything other than short stories).

I wasn’t expecting too much from these, but good lord these authors have nothing on any of the authors who post their stories on this or other free story sites.

Of course a few authors who post here have published their longer works as proper books on Amazon, but that’s not what I’m talking about here. Now that I’ve checked through a bunch of these, I’m pretty sure that anyone who has written something worth publishing has done so as a proper book or e-book that you actually have to buy, not as part of Kindle Unlimited.


There really are some shockingly high-quality writers here, and I appreciate so much how they’ve been drawn into one place.

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I keep hoping, every few months, that I’ll find some new, decently written fetishy stuff on Kinkle. I’m always disappointed :frowning:

I was really, really surprised by how easy it was to publish an ebook the first time I did it. I mean, there’s literally no bar to entry, so you can just go on there and slap up anything. I love that it’s so accessible as a niche author, but it’s the Wild West out there in terms of what you get.