KING REX illustration

During quarantine, I began commissioning artists I liked on IG to create images of myself, my husband and me, etc. It’s been great fun to see what comes back and I’ve gotten some wonderful art (at quarantine prices!).

One of the artists I commissioned was my friend, the very talented Max Spragovsky (on FB) or @woofgalaxyofficial (on IG) – Max is a comic book artist who takes commissions “turning ordinary people into superheroes”. Sounds like my theme, right?

I hired him to create a KING REX illustration – there were interesting conversations of me describing the look of the character and the poses. Max finally read KING REX – which he loved – and he created this wonderful piece:

What do you think? Isn’t it AWESOME???


Wonderful! The visual muscle bulges remind me of your many descriptions of muscles. :slight_smile:

Amazing! King Rex is hands down one of my favorite series I’ve ever read on here. Glad he’s still on your mind :stuck_out_tongue:

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Fabulous drawing! Really captures the spirit of that scene, because Superion is drawn as a muscle beast, with amazing arms, traps, quads, and glutes–and yet he still seems dwarfed by the power of King Rex.

I wanted Rex to be a little thicker through the chest – and of course, a little more dangerously hung – but the artist didn’t want to do porn. Haha

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Sigh, their loss. Still a badass picture.

I’d always imagined Rex as a young man… hello Daddy Rex.

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I see Rex as Superion’s age – an eternal comic book 29. But the artist gave him a beard and I really liked it…


They did all this… but didn’t want to do “porn”? LOL

Anyway, it looks magnificent! Is that a man of the steel variety in the front there? It’s been a moment since I’ve read the titular series.

They did all this… but didn’t want to do “porn”? LOL

To be fair, I asked for fully hyper-masculine and VERY well hung. I think that might have scared him a little bit.

That is the Superman-inspired “Superion” kneeling in front. His pose, however, is an homage to the Legion’s “Great Darkness Saga”


I mentioned upthread that I’d commissioned various artists during quarantine. I just got the most recent and thought I’d share. This is by IG theartofrichie on IG and It’s me with an awesome Lightning Lad vibe.

IMG_0491 (1)