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Well, The More Things Change: finished finally! And I’m kind of proud of it.

First, for finishing something I wanted to write. It’s cool. It’s a cool feeling.

I know it pushed some boundaries, and I appreciate folks sticking with it through the “valley of the shadow” to the end. I’m a sucker for a wholesome ending, but only when earned, so I hope it was earned (even if I wound up taking it easy on ol’ Searce at the end. I actually always had a bit of a soft spot for him, even when he was doing absolutely horrible things.) :wink:

I started TMTC just out of a desire to capture some of the wild, horny energy of the decades of the CYOC and have it, you know, well-written, with a plot and not be utter shite. I was surprised by how much I wanted to write about homophobia and by how much of this year of therapy got in there by the end, lol. Write what you know, I guess. The Greek mythology framing device was actually one of the last components, but wow, that was fun to write. I almost want to do a long series about an entirely new, gay, sexy pantheon now merrily wreaking havoc…

That’ll have to wait though, because I have to dive back into the world of A Cure For Global Warming, which is something I know at least a few folks around here will be excited about. I also have a very personal one-shot I promised myself, and I kind of want to do a very gay and horny political thriller/war epic set in the not-too-distant future.

It’s been fun learning I can write fiction, and I’ll always appreciate the site for helping me learn that about myself.

I’ll probably keep this thread going for a while, so if you’re interested in my work and have any questions, please ask away!


You should link to your series here in this thread and even maybe link to this thread from your story as well. If you’re interested in keeping this thread alive.

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Good idea! Here’s the link.

'The More Things Change' by Kip - Gay Spiral Stories[The More Things Change]