Let decide the reader which way a story continue

Hi all,

I think about a story where I offer the reader the option, how the story continue.
Like “Will you move forward or run away?”

Idea 1 (not tested if it works): Adding two chapters, that link to the same “previous” one, so the reader has to choose which “next” chapter he will follow.

Idea 2: Only Publish the introducing story and set links to the different “nest versions”. And let them in “draft” and using the “View Link” in main story to link here.

Idea 2 is a bit of cheating, and I can`t get any feedback or ratings on specific parts.

Idea 3: The System on the page has another way to realise such a project.

Any Idea?



Yeah., GKS literally has interactives functionality, you can do everything you described here with the system as is. :grin:

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Check out this how a branched story can look like:

‘Slut Brand (a choose-your-own-adventure)’ by Philip K - Gay Kinky Stories.

Or this, a community series, where more than one writer is committing chapters to a branching story line:

‘The Grandfather’s Gift’ by UchihaDEMS - Gay Kinky Stories

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Thanks a lot for your fast response.

I tnink… yeah it’s exactly what I was requesting.

No problem, let me know if you have questions how to use this feature!

Option 1. It sounds exciting to see how you’ll link the two story back to the Intro. You’ll have more control of the story line as option two requires your readers to participate. The ideas great, truly in theory. Pragmatically, just like the little red hen. Most of your readers will delight in your work but don’t necessarily want to help do the work. Again, most not all.
I wonder, after the two stories link to the intro, what next? Figure8? Or combining both options? Thanks for posting👍🏻

One Question. I have now created a series.

chapter 1
chapter 2
Chapter 3 option a
Chapter 3 option b

Now I will create a single chapter 4, that follows after both options.

How can I do this?

Submit that chapter 4 first. Then you can edit Ch. 3a and 3b and set their “Continuation Chapter” to ch. 4.

I hope this works fine while the story is not yet published. It should, but this stuff is not used commonly so there could be some bugs lurking there. Let me know if you have any difficulties.

I have no selection for “Continuation Chapter”. Maybe it will change, after the story has published?

Could be. If I remember correctly, I’m hiding that field by default to avoid confusing authors.

It should become available as soon as the series is marked as a “branched series”. Which should happen as soon as it contains at least one branch.

But the branching point probably needs to be public, too.

So in your case, only once ch 3a and 3b are actually published and approved, your series would get marked as a “branched series”.

Yeah, makes sense. Thanks for that fast reply.


Have a very mery christmas. :wink:

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Also, I don’t believe you can fuck it up beyond repair, as in, all of the setting are editable if you happen to upload it in a less then ideal order.
(You can submit incorrectly, see how it looks, then edit)

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