List of Sponsored / Promoted "teaser" stories?

Hey there!

So, I know there are a few “teaser” stories that link to Amazon, etc. to purchase the full thing. I rather like this concept and I’ve purchased a few of the stories. I was wondering (if there isn’t already) a way we can sort of centralize where these “teaser” are located on the site - it’d be nice to have them in one spot to peruse rather than just stumbling upon them randomly as I am currently doing.

I had a query a couple of month ago and asked if people would like or mind having sponsored stories on the site. They would have to pay a reasonable fee on Patreon and for that, their teaser would remain at the top of the main page for some time. And you could link to amazon, your own Patreon or wherever.

The result was that there is interest, but some people are also opposed to the idea.

Still I like the idea, I like to support writers to sell their work.

If I add that feature, I should probably also add a feature to get a list of all previously sponsored stories, like you suggested.

Comments and opinions on that are, as always, welcome!

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