Little stuff that adds a LOT to a story

Sometimes there’s just one thing an author can add that takes a story from hot to sizzling. Like, is anyone else really big into height difference in stories? I adore it. Even just a little mention of one guy being a lot shorter or taller than the other drives me nuts. Plus, I LOVE short guys. Anyone like this stuff too? Or have a different little thing that drives them wild?

Short guys in general? Short tops? Or bottoms?

And at what height does one qualify as “short” in your opinion?! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Being a short guy myself (and suffering a lot for it before my college years), the attribute of height always makes me wince and feel uncomfortable, particularly since society looks down on those who are considered short. (Did you know that sperm donors must be at least 5’6" = 167 cm?) One advantage is that, as they age, shorter people have much fewer incidents of back issues than tall people.


No, never heard about THAT before. So you’re shorter than 5’6"? I’m only 169cm myself. And my husband is 160cm.

I think short guys are cute, but I find very few shorter than myself. So I accept guys a bit taller than me, as well :slight_smile: But really tall guys make me uncomfortable. I can’t get over that, no matter what.

So, yes, I feel you, nycboot, even if I may be a little bit taller than you. Being short has it’s down sides. I wish I had like 5cm more…


@Martin @nycboot

I’m 5’7 myself so I’m not talking from a tall perspective, but I absolutely get the trouble about height. I don’t like mine either. To be honest, I always like to imagine myself - and write myself - as quite tall. It feels like it gives me more physical intimidation, which is what I want to do to my poor subs, lol.

I do like short guys quite a bit. Even if the guy’s not completely my type, if he’s shorter than me, he becomes way cuter. I’d love a guy who’s 5’5 or so. And, I typically like them being subs, since I’m a dom myself. Thought short dom, tall sub is super hot too. I wrote one myself, cuz it’s so fun.

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Of course, sub/bottom and short goes well together. Everyone assumes you’re a bottom by default.

Problem is, if you’re not. I do bottom sometimes, but I prefer to fuck myself much more. And it’s weird, I cannot place why, to fuck a guy that towers 20cm over you or could crush you flat when lying on top of you.

Especially since I like to fuck shorter guys, they’re just cuter and more my type.


I’m 5-3 & 145 pounds. I buy my clothes in Boys Department at Wal-Mart. How is that for small?


For my part IRL I’m always really bummed when men express how being shorter than average screws with their self-esteem. I’m around median height, but I find short guys to be plenty attractive, and not always in the “aww cute pocket!” way - one of my friends is a ripped, athletic god of a man, and it kinda annoys me that women pass over him because of his height.

So when I’m writing I try to avoid things like height discrepancy for fear of exacerbating those insecurities in readers, or try to subvert them (tall bottoms make the world go round, eh!?) but it seems like a fragile area of self-esteem for some folks so it takes time/thought to handle well, in my experience.


It might just be my “tall privilege” talking, but I don’t think I’ve ever specified the height of one of my characters. (The only time I list numbers is when I’m describing penis size!)

Honestly, I’ve never even thought about whether they’re tall or short. Part of that has to do with the fact that, when I write erotic fiction, I almost never have a mental picture of what a character looks like. Instead, I spend a lot of time figure out what they sound like, trying to craft a distinctive voice and personality.

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Thanks @Dace. Somewhere else on the forum I wrote that, unless directly related to the plot of the story, focusing too much on physical attributes can greatly detract. Authors should leave it up to the reader to produce their own mental picture.


I do understand why some stories want to focus on certain physical attributes. It’s part of the author’s fantasy that they’re describing. It may not be everyone’s fantasy, but you can say that about any story on the site.

Sometimes when I read a story, I can tell the author has a kink I might not share (like a height-difference kink) but I’m often willing to go along with it and be “seduced” by that particular fantasy, if it’s well-written and doesn’t bump against any squicks I may have.

But I guess the reason that height-difference isn’t a squick for me (in a way that it may be for some people) is because I myself am 5’7’’/170cm, and I’ve just always found guys of all heights attractive, for all positions. My first boyfriend was 6’2’’/188cm and a devoted bottom, and we had an incredible time in bed. And I’ve crushed heavily on lots of tops who are much shorter than me. So maybe it’s easy for me to slip into other people’s height-based fantasies because I find all height combinations appealing.