Looking for a specific story

I’m trying to find a story that I’ve read a few times but can’t recall the title or author. I’m not sure whether I read the story on Gay Spiral Stories or MC Stories (or it might be both).

I think the story is set in India. It’s told from the point of view of an individual (a business man I think) but the individual is one of four men who have been captured and put in cages. (I’m pretty sure the author must be British, as he refers to the occupation of one of the captives as “barrister.”) As the protagonist is the last one captured, he gets to see what happens to the others. Through conditioning and hypnosis, the four individuals gradually lose their ability to form proper sentences. They also loose their inhibitions and eventually prefer to be naked and enjoy playing with themselves and enjoy showing others that they play with themselves. They’re programmed to crave sex. Eventually the protagonist gets tattooed with a snake; thereafter his name is to be snake (in one of the Indian languages). At some point the protagonist realizes what has happened to him (and act of revenge due to his insensitive comments) but can’t do anything about it now that he’s a sex slave.

Does anyone know what this story is called?

This is annoying. I vividly remember reading this story myself a few years ago and it is not only very well written but extremely hot. The way the four subjects’ language breaks down to simplistic ‘baby-talk’ to mirror their mental retardation is very well done. I also remember it as being set in India. The protagonist says something which pisses off an Indian entrepreneur and he ends up with the other three being turned into a sex slave for Indian clients. Some kind of ‘shaman’ does the actual mind work on them. Each of the four gets a whole body tattoo to make him into a different animal. Like you, I can’t remember the title of the story. I suspect that I read it on the ‘Erotic Mind Control’ website, but I’ve gone through the entire list of gay stories there and none of the titles jumped out at me. Unfortunately, that site has no search engine.

I now have that irritating ‘it’s on the tip of my tongue’ feeling…

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Welcome to the Jungle Nursery?


Is this what you’re looking for?

Thanks for the suggestion, but no - there’s no mention of India in this one and there’s no infantality in the one I’m thinking of.

I’m trying remember what the protagonist was renamed - it was the translation of “snake” in an Indian language (presumably Bengali or Hindi). I believe it began with a V and resembled the word “viper.” I’m thinking that if I can remember that name, I can use Google to search for the story.

If we ever get to the bottom of this, I wanna read this too. Sounds like a good-ass story.

Damn it i explicitly remember the snake tattoo thing you were talking about! I remember i read it on literotica more than a year ago but it might have also been on mcstories like boot said please do reply if you eventually find it! I highly regret not saving it cause it was very hot