Looking for advice regarding my new story

Hey friends!

I’m writing a new story that I’m REALLY excited about. Basically, about a month ago, I reread an old NCMC wiki story, Wishes Fulfilled and decided I’d make an actual gay version. That one had been somewhat obviously rewritten from a straight story with glaringly obvious references to the main character originally being a cis woman. So I’ve been working on my version (which is now up to 22,000 words) which encompasses a prologue chapter and like 1-3 or 4 chapters of what could be upwards to 10-15 (the story will take place over the course of about a week).

My question is if you all would want me to release my prologue chapter not really being entirely sure when I’ll get to finishing everything. I have a bad history of starting and not finishing stories and am trying to stay VERY focused on this one while also working on another collab with Swizz and a few other projects that will be announced soon. So don’t want to release it without being sure it’ll all be finished…but also really excited to share my version!

Would you all want me to release that now to give you a taste of my next multi-chapter series? Or would you prefer for me to wait until I have it all done, like I’d done with I Think Too…?

Will seriously consider what y’all think…if anything at all.

Thank you!!!


I’m all for a preview but you may change the story after it is posted. The preview might not fit exactly with the rest of the story but you do what seems best to you.


I like what some authors do: have the entire story written, so they can release it in a regular manner (every day, every other day, etc.). So I’d suggest you finish it and only then begin to release it.


If you have a framework or outline established I’m okay with you releasing what you have now, otherwise it might be better to hold off.

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As much as I’d love to read what you’ve written so far, something tells me it would be wiser to wait to have most of the series done. For instance, if it was to be 10 chapters long, I’d suggest waiting to have at least 8 of those proofread, and drafts of the other 2. That way you can use the time between the release of the first chapters to finish and proofread the last ones. Plus the support received during that period of time may help motivating finishing the project.

By the way, so cool you asked the community :blush:


Unless you’re looking to solicit feedback or inputs on the writing direction, I think it’s probably not necessary to post a prologue as a preview. I mean we’re already quite familiar with your writing style and since you’re clearly referencing an old story in your development, so I think we’d be ready to jump right into what you have for us. Considering the large size of your story, I’d suggest maybe you could start posting the chapters on a regular interval once you have half or at least several of them ready to go. That will give us time to slowly enjoy your story and gives you time to carry on with the rest.