Looking for ideas and inspiration

I want to write another story, but I’m not sure what I want to write about. I’ve touched just about all my favorite areas in my other stories, so I’d like to open the door to suggestions from others.

Obviously, I like to go for happy endings. No, I do not consider a situation where someone is hypnotized to be happy with their predicament a true happy ending. I try to avoid abusive or overly aggressive ‘macho alpha type’ scenarios, and I’m also not interested in incest/pissing.

If you recently enjoyed a story theme but wished it had a more happily-ever-after feel to it, by all means post it and I’ll see if I can make something work.

Or, if you liked any of my previous stories, post what you think I did well and if you want an expansion on a story I can explore possibilities there.

Thanks to any who take the time to respond. <3


One kind of story I’ve never seen on GSS (or MCstories for that matter) is one where the subject is temporarily mind-controlled for the major part of the story, then the control is removed. The subject realizes the control is gone, but the experience has taught him something and then he voluntarily and consciously alters his life based on the mind-control episode. To me that would be a happy ending. :slight_smile:

(The story “Becoming HIs Pet” has something like this in terms of attraction/love,but I’m thinking of some characteristic more central to the main character.)


I have always enjoyed stories where the one hypnotized has a better life because of it, for all that they remain under the control. Like their grades get better, their work more rewarding, their body healthier, their friendships deeper, etc. That said though I also like it when the one doing the one controlling wins. :slight_smile:

Anyway, sorry for the tanget, you asked for ideas not my view o happy endings. So hmmm.

How about our main character uncovers a mind controlling operation in his college. He gets involved when it’s his friend targeted, which leads him to switching the control from the operation to himself. Upon being woken from it the friend finds some aspects of it sexy.

Another idea is the characters crash on an island and our budding hypnotist mind controls the others so work gets done, they don’t panic, and also can have fun. The end could have them being rescued and thus the need for the control fades.

Just some thoughts. Hehe


Most of my stories already utilize that kind of plotline :slight_smile: It’s particularly evident in Mind Palace.

@Heru_Kane I do like scenarios where the ‘good guys beat the bad guys,’ but I’ve been struggling to find a way to make it the least stressful to the reader. I like my stories to be hot and maybe a little suspenseful, but at the same time I want these to be primarily about feeling good. I can see if I can make something work though. The island idea sounds humorous to me, and could probably be fun to write.

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I think part of the issue is on who we are rooting for in a story. If we want the mind controller to win then seeing the submission in the target is hot. But if we wan the victim to get away then, well, the event is better if he beats the ge controller, though i figure the sex wouldn’t be that erotic in that sense.

See, I prefer the stories that are either from the dominants pov or is neutral and switches between them as necessary. So to me most often the good ending is when the controller gets his targets to totally submit to his will.

I can totally understand the want to make these stories about feeling good. Honestly, thats why I visit this site, for the feel good porn.

I will say sometimes the oldies are goodies. The idea of walking into the roomates room and seeing him tranced or going up to a guy or two at the bar and seducing then through whatever is still a favorite. :slight_smile:

Cool on the island. I hope it interests you and something develops from it.

Another idea, going with your consent idea is say a bunch of men in a down and out town (maybe since the mines or farms or major business closed) get together and try to figure out how to make money. One guy says maybe they could do gay porn. The others laugh but comment it won’t work as they are straight. One guy says he knows hypnosis and he could hypnotize them to accept and enjoy gay sex for film scenes. It gets accepted. And thus temporary straight to gay hypnosis occurs. Hehe

Oh, and I figure most of the women that used to live there have joined a women’s club, retreat, society, etc.

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How about a science project that enhances ancestoral dna in someone, you can tweak the subject back to a caveman or his boxing champ great grandpa or a serf or a knight … it’s an endless time mahine of sorts. Only side effect is you get horney and turn gay of course.

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