Looking for some stories... help?

I’ve been trying to find stories along a general theme but haven’t been able to come up with a good search term for something that’s gotta exist:

Does anyone have links to stories about shared sensations, like during sex one guy “feels” the sensations of the other’s cock, or feels what the other person feels?

I’ve tried a bunch of words like telekinesis, mindmeld, etc but no luck. Thanks y’all!

“SenseB8” does some of this:

There’s also a #telepathy tag that might find you some stories like that.

I dunno if something like this counts

'Transceiver' by Gayborhood - Gay Spiral Stories

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I sorta know what you mean. It almost sounds like a voodoo spell or something, but instead of a doll, it’s more of a stimulus connection between two guys. I can’t remember if I ever found anything like that - other than this one porn comic called Priapus II, where the god of sex had made a magic dildo that connects to his own penis, and when some guy was sucking on the dildo, Priapus was feeling it as if it was a disembodied blowjob. Another similar notion of one such instance was this other story where two friends were cursed so their genitals got switched with the other - their nerve endings were still attached to their own cocks, and when one guy touched it, the other guy feels it, and vice versa.

Not a bad idea for a story, just not sure how to go about the settings, but shouldn’t be too hard to piece it out.

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Thanks y’all! Transceiver was good.