Looking for story: Dear Zac

There was a story I read a looooong time ago called ‘Dear Zac’ which written in the form of a letter written to Zac Efron (from Ashton Kutcher) detailing how he’s been mind controlled and will be forced to do humiliating things throughout the day including edging and mild exhibitionism. I understand that the story won’t be featured on the site anymore because it alludes to real people, but does anyone have a copy of it? It was a really hot story, but I could never find it after it got taken down.

You’ve got mail!


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That sounds very hot to read & perhaps more.

Hey I would really love to get this story too, if someone has it, as I remember it and was very good! Does anyone have it?

I don’t think it is on this site but I believe this is the story you are looking for

You’ll have to make an account at that website to view it I think.

I did see that story while I was searching, but its a different one. Thanks though!