Looking for story with this theme

I’m looking for stories that use Orgasm to permanently change someone. Whether bottom swallow, receive in the ass or cum himself.

Like bottom old personality and memory had been extracted as he came. Or new existence permanently rewrites his old one by receiving the sperm from the Master.

Any recommendations would be really appreciated. However, do not recommend Touchstone’s stories. I didn’t hate his work, but I read all his work, so there’s no point recommending it lol.

Have you read Dreamweavr’s story, Secret Sauna?


I’ll check it out, ty…

Anymore recommend would be appreciated as well, preferred no feminization though. But that my fault for lefting that out

I’m not sure what all you’re in to, so I tried to provide a good variety. But there’s a ton of amazing stories on the site with this theme that I didn’t include.

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As @BerylForge has already linked to, my Ad Tale series work on that premise.
There are also the Pink Pill stories initially written by CodyTaylor, which I added a couple stories too - https://www.gayspiralstories.com/series/show/34310

Some of NickyNoxville’s, and Baralai’s stories have some of that premise.
Off the top of my head, Nicky Noxville’s Last Dive and A New Calling, and Baralai’s The Chest are two that have a certain amount cum making changes.
There are others, but I’m struggling to think of any just now.

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Aside from Creating Aiden, I read all of them… but ty for the recommendation, anything with this theme is a fair game. Though I preferred no feminization, and scat that deals with shi*, pis is ok but not sht.

I already read your story lol, including pink pill, but I’ll check out Nick and Baralai work as well, ty for the recommendation.

Another story in this line might be Army boi by Rozza22365. It does involve sex, but the cum does change Matt.

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Ty for the recommendation, unfortunately, I already read that.

OMG, never realized how much I read this theme lol

NP; just thought that since it’s an older story it might have been overlooked. Good to hear that you’ve read it.

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