Lost Stories

I’ve noticed some of my stories are missing from the website’s catalog. This happened the other day when a friend asked which of my stories they should read. I suggested that they read Brain Feed. They did a search for it and couldn’t find it. That’s when I noticed some of my stories are no longer available.

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Nobody deleted anything. At least not since I’m hosting the site. Can you tell me the name of the stories you’re missing?

One of my more popular stories is Brain Feed. I think it was the first story I submitted to the website. But it no longer appears on my list of stories, or show up when I do a search for it.

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Maybe the search doesn’t work properly, but I found it by clicking your name. The search for an author is actually a text search, it doesn’t mean that they’re all properly assigned to your account. But I can associate them manually.

Brain Feed is a stupendous story. :slight_smile:

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Brain Feed by rubbrsome one of my favorites already. It is definitely out there in terms of hotness and originality.

As I’ve written on some other occasions already, Brain Feed actually hooked me on NCMC. And is therefor one of the major reasons that I’m now hosting GSS myself :slight_smile:

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If an academic wanted to do a study of this site, I would hope that they would have an entire chapter devoted to Brain Feed and how it has influenced and affected so many of us. :slight_smile:

I really appreciate all the kind comments. You guys are making me blush. :blush: