Man/Men in Uniform

So one theme that I’m writing about is men in uniform. I like stories where cops and soldiers are controlled as well as the controlled subjects being put into military-style uniforms. I’m very much master-servant centered and definitely trying to give the servant a voice and can see stories where the servant enjoys being in the uniform and obeying the master’s orders. Does that seem too far fetched? If not, what sort of things do you think I should do with this storyline?


I also like men in uniform, though for me, it’s a lot less about the uniform and a lot more about the authority that goes with it. People tend to give even the youngest, newest private a certain level of authority for no better reason than that they’re wearing a uniform.

So, my first suggestion would be to consider what it is you want out of the uniform: is it the authority, just how sharp someone looks in a uniform, or something else altogether? Regardless of your answer, there’s nothing far-fetched about it at all. A lot of people love uniforms in different ways and for different reasons.

As for what you should do, consider whether you just want the person in the uniform, or if you want them to join the relevant service. Do they actually want to become a cop/soldier, or do they just want to wear a uniform because it makes them look good? Cumming on the uniform is a very common fetish, to the point that it’s more of a trope. You may well want to put a scene like that in, but some other things you may want to consider are being hard while in uniform, cumming inside the uniform (and whether anyone else is aware or if it’s a private humiliation), having a butt plug/cage underneath the uniform, not being allowed to cum at all while in uniform or only being allowed to cum while in uniform, that sort of thing. You could also consider modifying the uniform to allow access to the good bits, perhaps without anyone being the wiser. Something as simple as cutting a hole in the pocket lining could allow someone access to the cock, for instance, but nobody other than the wearer and the master would be aware.

That’s all I’ve got, but I’m sure others will come up with things I haven’t.


Thank you for the response (and your earlier response as well). I think I have elements of both. One current story I’m working on has the master putting his servants in a uniform; to the master, it’s about the look but also the physical marker of the servitude. There are times when the servants are out of uniform, but largely they are wearing the uniform. I do have a scene where the lead servant polishes his boots alongside a new servant and he realizes he and all the other servants are all bonded together by the uniform and the uniform makes them equals. So in that sense, it’s not about the authority but the uniformity and the display that they are all part of the same system of control in that line of thought.

So in saying that, I realize that I might be interested in the soldier/cop being controlled and yet still maintaining that identity as soldier/cop. The uniform still shows that the person still holds onto that part of their identity but the rest has been given over to the control. When I think about the stories that like, something like Parts 8 and 9 of Little Friends, they seem to exemplify that; the cops do become drones but are still cops carrying out their police duties. So I’m interested in that.

As to becoming a cop/soldier, I think that’s something I’d also like to explore. The ideas that float in my head are that the characters in the story wish they could be a cop/soldier and the Faustian bargain is to fall under the control and in so doing the controller will grant their wish and put them in the uniform.

But thank you for making those things clear; it’s a really big help. Hopefully, others will chime in and give me more perspective.

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Just go for what turns you on. I love uniforms, the uniformity being the hottest thing for me…all as one. I like to read a story stories of other’s perspective and turn ons about uniforms. Don’t write so much thinking about what concept is going to turn readers on (although your writing craft has to excite), but write what excites you and there will always be readers who love it. Variety is the spice of life. Go for it without so much thought of what others are looking for.

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Thanks for the vote of support. The ideas for stories are in my head; I just need to find the time to get them into Word for the editing. I’ll be counting on some feedback from you PupScout when I do post my stories.