Manor Series (Elenor Manor as a start)

Now that judgement is over and I can take credit/blame…
What did guys think of Elenor Manor?
Would you like to see more?
Would you like to see guys visit other Manors? (Some ar run by mistresses and slave girls)

I think there is a lot of potential for story ideas in the series.

What other predictions did the magician make?

What is the day-to-day role of the Master?

Are the other manors tied to specific fetishes or is it all leather/rubber?

Great opportunity for world-building.

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Well anyone who gets sucked into the magic of the manors ends up a homosexual (male or female) and has a rubber/leather fetish… Each Manor has their own fetish central to it, Michael (the new Master of Elenor Manor) hasn’t figured out what his particular fetish for the Manor will be.

Ah, I wasn’t sure how it was going to work. I suppose having all of them have a base fetish that is the same will alllow you to show off the different fetishes for each manor.

I’m at a loss for what fetishes would go with leather/latex (a lot of fetishes are specific clothing), I thought every manor would be totally different. Then again there are so many fetishes so you can easily mix and match.

How much of the original personalities of the other four men still exist? They’ve basically been wiped, I assume, but maybe Michael’s inexperience with magic might let their old personalities shine through a little.

Well with most of the ideas I have so far, when they have guests over or are not specifically being a sex toy for their master, they are regular people still and have normal interactions.

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Same for you: Link to the story you want to get feedback to:

‘Elenor Manor’ by Ewok - Gay Spiral Stories

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No reason to be sorry, I just tried to assist you :slight_smile:

Any one have experiences with Rubber and Leather “Otters”?