Manupfilm problem

Ok so last month i purchased a subscription to manupfilms for the pec video someone suggested and at first everything went pretty standard. The first subscription was cheap only being half of what i was apparently supposed to be paid and i could even download the videos i wanted.then i tried to cancel…

At first it worried me, every time i tried to cancel from their site it would say i couldnt so i decided to try from my pc and email the company. The pc one and company worked! So i was happy…until i noticed they charged me not only for the price cut but for the ENTIRE MEMEBERSHIP MAKING IT 60+ DOLLARS IN TOTAL IN 1 MONTH!!! it was more than i was supposed to pay with just a regular subscription! They charged me twice! I immediately went to email for a refund showing proff only for the company to tell me"we didnt do that" so i went to segpay for a refund and they said"well ask the one whos getting your money" only for that site to tell me to go right beck to segpay.

Now here i am. Worried as all hell because i just found out that they have about 12 other porn companies tied to their name making me fear that theyll charge me 60 again, and if i really did cancel"what the site says" theyll just say “oh you sugned up for technically ALL of our subscriptions for All our sites so guess whos paying for all of our subscriptions at once now!” And ill be completely broke cause of one mistake “by the way i used me actual card for this cause i was lazy and didnt want to drive out and order a prepaid one”

Im judt making this post to ask… has anyone had this problem with manupfilms? Is it just some giant scam site that will drain me of all my funds that i desperately need right now then fain innocence.
Or am i dealing with some insane bad luck
Because it said on their site that sometimes it will accidentally charge 2 times, that segpay is reputable, and ive used their paid services beofee though with a prepaid card.
Im just insanely acared right now and badly want someone to tell me their some manupfilms expert whos subscribed and unsubscribed to them many times beforeand that its only a bug and i wont be milked of money and next time judt used a prepaid card

Cause believe me scam or not im using a fucking prepaid next time so i dont have to deal with this shit or im just now subscribing at all

Sorry, I wish I could help, but I’m not familiar with Manup’s subscriptions :frowning:

As a last resort and since you paid with your card, would there be a chance you can ask your bank to reject / return the payment? Also, maybe they have some sort insurance that can cover you in case of online scams.

Let’s wait to what others have to say, but Manup seems to be big and famous enough to not have to resort to this kind of scammy tricks. It would make sense, though, that their costumer service might be weak.


I’ve subbed to them a couple of times and experienced zero problems, so would be inclined to say it’s more likely a technical glitch than an intentional scam.

The whole thing with the multiple sites is just a byproduct of them now being part of a broader network. It’s not that they’re going to charge you 12x for the 12 sites, it’s that you’re really buying a bundle which includes access to them all. They just package it up with the branding for the site you signed up through since that’s the one you care about the most.

As far as the issue with the payment goes, who were you speaking to about the cancellation? Don’t remember the specific company names, but I know last time I subbed the renewal terms / cancellation was all handled by the payment processor not ManUp. Essentially the processor was configured in such a way that they’d send your details back through for a renewal if you didn’t log on and say “hey, I want to cancel”


I talked to manup films, segpay, and interactivegf.
Man up said talk to segpay, segpay said talk to interactivegf, and interactive gf said go to segpay

I’ve subscribed and canceled manup a few times and never had an issue.

If you don’t get any resolution through them, I’d file a dispute with your credit card company. They’ll usually refund you themselves or deny the charge.
And then they’ll go after the company to get their money back.

They may cancel and reissue your card. Some CC companies do that some don’t

What’s the full timeline of when you were charged, how much you were charged, and who had you spoken to before that point?

E.g. Sign up on day 1, charged $15 for 7 day membership. Ask ManUp for cancellation on day 4. Charged $35 for renewal on day 8. Speak to Segpay for first time on day 9…

Kinda hard to piece it together from your first post, but it feels like it’s the key to helping figure out where things went wrong in relation to how the process should work.

I basically asked them for all this the same day or 2 days later. I only traied again today since i was worried about them trying to sneak bill me

And this was all charged on the day that you first signed up? Not a renewal charge down the line.

If so, sounds like either a genuine processing error or a case where you’ve accidentally opted into a bigger payment package than you first thought.

I do seem to recall some upsell options being offered during checkout so I’m wondering if it’s the latter.

Wow, I actually had this exact same issue with ManUp. I did the 3 day trial for $1 and then made sure I canceled on time. I ended up getting charged and had to dispute the claim with my bank. The bank ended up giving me my money back, but it was such a hassle and stressed me out.

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If the problem can’t be solved with the company then what I usually do is to call my credit card company and file a dispute. Most of the time they’ll side with you (they always have for me). I have heard of a few rare cases where they go against the cardholder. If you’re in the right and you’ve gotten no help then this is usually the best way to go.

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