Martin appreciation thread


Thanks for all of the hard work on the site, done in your spare time and without payment. I know for a fact that the money you receive from Patreon covers your costs each month, if that, and that you don’t get paid anything towards the hours and hours of time you spend making the site better each month.

In the year or so since you’ve taken over, we (readers of the site, have gotten):

  • A new forum to communicate via
  • themes, so we can change the color of the site
  • rating categories
  • stories from the archives
  • top rated stories
  • better search options
  • better tagging of stories
  • way more leniency on what stories can be posted (compared to the authoritarian asshole that used to run the site lol)
  • embedded pictures in many stories (which many authors and readers wanted)

Authors have gotten:

  • emails when a comment is added to a story
  • the ability to (and some help on) embedding images in your story
  • the ability to categorize a story

There are definitely other features added that I’m forgetting, but those alone are incredibly impressive, considering you are not getting paid! You don’t make money from this and are doing it because you want the website to be so awesome for people.

Thanks for all of that. I greatly appreciate it.

If others do too, hopefully they’ll chime in here. To drown out selfish, self-centered trolls who don’t appreciate things they don’t need to put any money or time into and can still enjoy anyways.


Well I quite agree. Martin deserves a thumbs up for all the hard work he’s done on his own free time for this site. Those features you mentioned have been quite useful and have made the place flow so much better.

I especially like this forum, it’s a fun place.


I don’t have much to add to MonsterMash’s post but sometimes I wish the little “hearts” can really show my appreciation for all the work and time you have put into this website.

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Agreed! This is a ton of work, and in the era of adult content bans and algorithms blocking everything, sites like these are more valuable than ever and much, much appreciated.


I just want to add my voice to the chorus here. I’m really grateful for Martin’s efforts and those of his predecessors! Without each and every one of you, this site wouldn’t be where it is today.


Definitely! This site and this forum is incredible, and none of it would be possible without Martin! Thanks for everything!

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Agreed. I wouldn’t write if there wasn’t a good place to share work, and this place is home to a wonderful audience and a dedicated admin.


Hey @MonsterMash62 and all others … :slight_smile:

thank you all for your nice words! As I’ve said many times, this community is really great and it’s a pleasure for me to have you all around…

(makes me think, maybe the more depraved someones sexual fantasies are, the nicer they are?! :slight_smile: )

All this would never be possible without the amazing foundation you’ve created, Hugh. Not only all the research, coding, infrastructure and everything else you’ve done (I’ve recently looked through the web archive to be reminded how the site rose from the ashes of NCMC…). But you also somehow managed to get this loyal group of authors and readers to visit your site.

The site would be nothing without all the authors and their amazing and creative work. They are the reason why the site is more successful than I could ever have hoped.

We’ve got around 300.000 unique visits last December. That’s amazing. All you people out there, visiting us on a regular basis, reading the stories, commenting them, rating them, and maybe even cumming on them are the motivation for all the authors and myself.

About the policies for acceptable stories: I’m always a bit concerned that you, Hugh, might not be happy that I’m more lenient with my policies. I’m quite relieved that you seem to be fine with it. This is still your child, after all.

So, now, please let’s put this thread to rest. Otherwise I’d blush so hard, that my husband gets suspicious and wonders what I’m spending all this time at the PC with :slight_smile:

You are all really great!