Mass tag (mis-)assignments?

I’m not sure this is “site feedback” per se, but I wanted to ask about it somewhere. (And, sorry for the too-generic topic title, but I figured it was best to leave the details to the body of the discussion.)

I’m wondering if someone may have gone through and mass-applied the #bestiality tag to stories on the site, as I’ve been noticing it on a lot of stories where I wouldn’t expect to see it. There are currently >120 instances of that tag on the site — a number that I’d find surprisingly high, if accurate.

Problem is, it appears that it’s not being used accurately, at least as I understand the tag. Many of the stories appear to have been tagged simply because they use words like “bear”, “cub”, “pig”, “pup”, etc. with no regard for whether those descriptions are metaphorical or literal.

My understanding of what the tag means (and I suppose there’s room for discussion on that front, so I should throw this out there and see if everyone else is on the same page) is that it would be used to indicate sex between humans and “natural”, non-intelligent, regular animals. Not only would any sort of “animal play” by humans not qualify, but even a human who has been literally transformed into an animal would generally not be considered bestiality. Especially not if they retain their human intelligence/awareness/etc.

If the above is reasonably accurate and generally jibes with what the rest of the community thinks, then I’m afraid there appear to be a great number of mistagged stories in

There has been a major tag clean up going on, and I suspect some tags may of been merged that shouldn’t of been.

All I can suggest, is that if you come across a story where the tag has been used where it shouldn’t, is that you click the button to remove it.

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Yeah, the bestiality thing… You came across the one sore thing with my cleaning the tags. I didn’t expect that happen so soon.

Ok, first of all, what the old tag search doesn’t reveal properly, yet, is that there is a new thing called “aliases”. You can see the aliases for a tag if you search for an aliased tag. For example, if you search for “bestiality” you see (on the headline of the results) that it also was searching for “animals”. That’s because I’ve linked bestiality and animals as aliases.

But that’s not the issue in this case. I think I went a bit too far with cleaning up all the animal tags. There were tags for apes, cats, lizards, cows, sheep and many others… And I decided to merge them together into “bestiality”. It occurred to me a bit too late, that many of these are not really about bestiality at all.

Problem is, once merged, they cannot be unmerged again. Only by restoring the backup I’ve made beforehand. But to restore just a single tag or a group of tags is not that easy.

However, I didn’t merge the more prominent ones. “dog”, “puppy” and “pig” are still separate tags. As is “beastman” and “caveman”.

Also you have to understand, that by far not all the existing tags are actually listed on tag search page. I have to go over them one again and think hard about which of them should be listed there and which don’t. Even if a tag is not listed, you can still search for it using the input field above (and it will also tell you there, just type ahead and a pop up will show you all existing variations of tags matching your input).

I’d rather keep it like it is. If you come across a clearly mistagged story, you can always edit the tags on the story yourself - anyone can do that right now.

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I’m wondering if the site needs some option, as to whether the aliases get shown or not.
There are some where it’s good to see everything at once, but there are times it’s good to know there are other similar tags, but you might not want to see them.

Things like underwear, you might want to see everything, but if you’re searching for jockstrap, you probably don’t want the other aliases.

Also, would it be worth creating a page that shows all the tags?
NCMC used to have it, and I found it quite useful. NCMC used to also have the option to show stories with no tags.

Yes, I’m going to rework the tag search page as well. All in time :slight_smile:

The aliases will be shown and you also get a checkbutton to reveal all existing tags.

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Oh, and btw, “jockstrap” and “underwear” are nor aliased - because they’re used with differing intentions.

It’s really not easy to make these decisions :slight_smile:

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I realised that after searching for them.

It’s almost like me need something more along the lines of a thesaurus, rather than aliases.

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Yeah, whoever merged all the ‘bear’ themed stories into the ‘bestiality’ tag was definitely one smart cookie, same with ‘pup’ turning into ‘puppy’. I really hope there is a way to reverse this.

@mcbaer I think you’ll find the site owner is very smart :wink:

There were a couple discussions behind the scenes about how strict to be when merging/deleting tags, and how to handle tags that could mean different things. The consensus was to merge them into a single tag, as once Martin gets the new tag search done, you should be able to be more specific with your search.
Although, as Martin has already admitted, merging all animals into bestiality wasn’t one of his better moves…

Unfortunately what is done, is done, and can’t be undone easily. All I can suggest is you help by changing the tags back on any story you happen to read.
As for Pup v Puppy, I personally wouldn’t split them again, as they are very likely just to be merged back together, unless somebody can come up with a very convincing reason why they shouldn’t.

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I’m so sorry, I was just not concentrated enough when doing this. Can’t really imagine what I was thinking.

I’ve just restored the tag ‘bear’ from my backup. All stories should be properly tagged with it again. Also the association of those stories with “bestiality” has been removed.

Fortunately, at least I was smart enough to create a backup and to know how to restore a single tag from the backup. A little bit of SQL magic :slight_smile:

Nah, no offense. It was a stupid mistake on my part and fortunately it could be repaired. It is some work to restore a single tag, but it can be done. So if you come across any other blatant mistake, please let me know.

But, excuse my ignorance, what’s the problem with merging pup with puppy?

I’m glad the tag could be restored.

From what I gather, the former refers specifically to the ‘human pup’ fetish subculture whereas my guess would be that the latter is for actual puppies?

Both “pup-play” and “puppy-play” are common terms for posing as a pup (or puppy). I actually checked before I merged those tags, I didn’t find any instance, where someone was referring to an actual dog. But I could have missed one, considering there were around 2500 tags before the cleanup, errors are just not 100% avoidable.

However, I’ve renamed “puppy” to “pup”. Since most of the stories seem to refer to pups and not puppies. But I don’t want to have separate tags for pup and puppy, that would just be redundant.

It just occured to me, maybe the tag should be called “pup-play” instead? That would make it crystal-clear…

I haven’t read many stories of that kind myself so it’s tough for me to judge, but when I clicked it on it I saw that the search results appeared to also include stories with actual dogs and other canine species (Search Results for “#dog or #pup or #wolf”).

@mcbaer: “dog” and “wolf” are just aliased to “pub”. That means, that they’re still separate tags. If you search for any of them, however, all stories tagged with either of them will be shown.

An upcoming version of the tag search feature will allow you to choose whether to include aliased tags or not.

If you look through the “dog” stories, almost all of them are about puppy play in one way or the other.

I just started checking my stories, and I notice that what had been some variant of “ass-to-mouth” has instead been changed to “rimming”. Despite how close they sound, these aren’t the same thing at all. Rimming is licking someone’s ass, which you probably already knew. :slight_smile: Ass-to-mouth means that your Top is taking their cock out of your ass and putting it in your mouth with no cleaning in between. That said, I can see why rimming might have been substituted, because people who’ve never heard of ass-to-mouth tend to think it’s what the words sound like, but it’s not that at all. (

Any chance I can get a separate tag for this?

Well, you can always recreate the tag for your (or any other story) by just adding it. You can also delete the rimming tag.

You don’t even have to “edit” a story (because that would require a reapproval), the normal story display allows anyone to change the tags of a story. The idea is that a reader might add an appropriate tag himself. If that gets misused, I might have to restrict that, though.

I’m sorry that the tag cleanup caused some … mishaps. That was bound to happen, especially considering the sheer number of tags.

BTW, thanks for explaining “ass-to-mouth”. After you’ve recreated that tag, I’d still alias it with rimming (you can still create a specific search for ass-to-mouth if that’s what you’re looking for).

Yeah, I discovered that you can still create custom tags yesterday, I think only after I posted here.

A little off-topic, but is there a way to recategorize a story without resubmitting? I was looking to do that yesterday and didn’t find any other way except resubmission. I did notice that once I’d done it for one, after a slight delay, it got done for all chapters in the same story…that was handy. Thank you for implementing it that way.

And no need to apologize. As a programmer myself, I can well appreciate the difficulties of performing that kind of mass conversion. :sweat:

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ARGH! I just wanted to ‘alias’ ass-to-mouth and rimming but I’ve clicked merge instead… Note to self: No clicking before the first cup of coffee :sweat_smile: :

I already tried to repair that, but I’m not 100% sure which of your stories had been retagged by you. Please check those again, Robin.

As you’ve noticed, the category of the stories in a series will always be kept in sync. If you change the category of one story in a series, the new category will be updated for all of them (after the change has been approved).
About changing the category without editing… I guess the easiest would be to allow the author to change the category on the story view page directly. Right now, this is only possible, if there’s no category set for a story (and in that case, for everyone, not just the author).

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Thanks for the reply. No worries about the goof, I’ll go back and have another look. I’d only done a couple so far anyway, and was just about to go look at the others now.

As for the category only being settable from the update menu, it’s fine as it is, at least as far as I’m concerned. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything and causing the staff extra work.

Well - this discussion really proves that we are in the 21st century - lol