May I pose a challenge to the talented authors?

I’ve always searched for the tags “bodybuilder”, “inflation”, “immobile”, “butt growth”, “cock growth”, “ball growth”, “lactation” and “anal sex”. Men swelling steadily to obscene proportions with muscle, insane asses and breeding. Oynx used to write the hottest stories about witches and such and it was so well done and erotic. The idea of men swollen with muscle and ass with milky muscle tits is intoxicating. With Halloween coming up I’m hoping there will be more of this but please give us more of this sort of fetish! I wish I was a good enough writer to pull it off and I love this site.


May I suggest my MILK MAN series and it’s sequel series, With the clever title MILK MAN 2 ?

Lots of big pecs and lactation there.

My stories Corporate Growth and Wrong Number feature those, but a lot of mine have those elements in general.

I LOVE your stories man! I’d love to read even more new ones! Please keep producing!

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And they are amazing! I can’t get enough of them! You planning on doing more soon?