Merge and/or Link Forum and Main Site Profiles

Morn’n Martin,

Would it be possible to merge the forum and main site profile pages into one page?

E.g. Profile - tomozco - Community for Gay Spiral Stories and tomozco - Gay Spiral Stories would be merged together?

Alternately, if thats too difficult, it’d be great if there was a link on the forum profile to the main site profile and vice versa. I found myself reading the forums one time, finding that I liked a guy’s way at looking at a kink and wanting to see if he had written any stories, and not finding an easy way to do that.

As always, thank you for running and continually improving GSS.


The forum and the site are using a completely separate code base, as you’ve probably guessed. There’s already a link from the site’s profile to the forum profile, and I’ll try to look into a way to add a link to the forum as well. No promises.

In general I’d advise you to add an official Feature Request (there’s a specific category for that in the forum: Latest Feature Requests topics - Community for Gay Spiral Stories) because that makes it easier for me to track the things people want me to add or change.

Hi Martin,

Oops… I should’ve looked further, I thought this was where feature requests should be dropped…

I’ll repost it into the right topic… Sorry about that.


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