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So I have the idea for a story where a recent college graduate moves into the home of his divorced father. Said father living in an old industrial workers community on a forested and hilly and covered in multiple ‘ruins’ island in the middle of nowhere. Said community, by the way, only lives due to certain government slash banking concessions given to them when the old whatevers closed like a decade ago - said closure also led to many divorces and the up and leaving of most (to basically all by the present) women, much to the very macho straight guys upsetness (actions that probably pushed along the point of women leaving).

That’s the backstory. The actual plot is that our main guy will come to know/discover/create a method in which to basically ‘transform’ the community from its homophobic roots to one where gay sex is common and happily accepted. Even more he will also work to establish a local gay porn slash movie studio - where the mc method is used to basically get the men into roles for shoots.

The question I pose here is I am not entirely sure on what would be the best slash most fun method that our main guy could/would use to get the transformation started. Without having the decision on the source of the mc it’s hard to figure out what should come next. So I post this here to see what ideas might be developed! :slight_smile:

Being a college graduate gives you a few options. He could be a chem/biology graduate and have developed some of mind control that way (drugs, pheromones), or maybe he’s an electronics student and has done some new research on brain wave alteration, or he could be a psychology student (traditional hypnosis), or maybe even a film student who has figured out a combination of audio/visual effects that create a hypnotic state.

Of course, you can also go for a more fantasy-like setting and have him just be capable of some kind of mind control in his own right, like altering someone’s thoughts, altering reality (perhaps only small things at any given time, to draw it out more if you’re looking to write something longer), having an abnormally hypnotic or persuasive personality, that sort of thing.

Or maybe none of this is his doing at all. Maybe it’s something left over in the ruins that someone else was working on, and it’s already having an effect, or the college grad discovers it upon returning home.

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Ooh man so many fun options!

While all are great, I especially like the electronic, the psych, and the film student ideas. I wonder if there is a field that covers them all. Hehe

I also like the whole it didn’t start with him, he just found it. With whatever IT is. Using that I could see him noticing his father, for example, starting to change, become a bit more subservient in behavior. Which is what led him to going there instead of say to his mother’s.

Oh man, this acrually increased the ideas flowing in my head. Lol

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I was thinking of something more organic which would be a way to entice the remaining guys, reminding them of their former jobs. For example, if they manufactured something like washing machines, or airplane propellers, something about the turning of a circle or cylinder might draw them in to a suggestive state. Of if they did any kind of assembly-line production, something about a never-ending assembly-line of images or sounds might function as a form of induction.


The idea of there being something from the old business that causes the effect intrigues me. As does the idea of our main being the one to make it bigger in scope.

So a new idea I just had is the father was hired to go through certain old company records. While doing that he found a video, one which as he watched started to mellow him, relax him, make him a bit of a good boy.

The son starts to notice this even before his return, which is why he comes. Uppn discovering the video he finds a way to manipulate an expand it, leading him to using it on the other locals.

The ideas are starting to flow. The ideas are still very welcome! :wink:


I’d be tempted to put something in the water. Maybe have one or two guys who have well-water or only drink bottled water or whatever so that the community needs to gang up on them and bring them over.

While I can definitely see the benefit and fun for there being some resistance to what is going on I am not sure if I would personally - in this case at least - go with something in the water.

That said, thinking about it, it could be fun if the people who are resisting thing its in the water. hehe

Actually, on the topic of resisting, I have the idea of say one of the local cops thinking that things are weird. He goes to his partner, and old grizzled man, who just so happens to not be resistant.

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Well we know the end goal is A/V stuff. so start with that. Have him be THE art kid. only his work seems. .abstract, like those things you scan with phones. He shares video projects he did. And even promises to do adult education and training. Just one on one tutoring, everyone can brush up on PC skills. But in return he could use some one on one time. Machinist skills, oh do you have some old parts. I’m thinking of doing a theater night. Bring you and the kids over.

He hands out cards with the magic eye illusion effect. Saying call his number.

This allows for a serialized plot or a more episodic target set up. He gets more persons, skills, and people of influence and position.

They wake up on midnight runs or can’t go to sleep without exercise. Words or images that mean nothing stick out now (nutrition encouragement, hygene and cosmetics) soon some what to learn his trade and teach him theirs or just serve especially as never have enough money after he tunes up their rigs or does some tutoring to sort of revitalize them.

Soon his graphics are throughout the town, in peoples homes, videos are shared. A private number they never noticed sticks in this minds and they call. some wake up in the middle of calestinics routine.
They feels this new… energy or push for something.

Why is there skin well oiled and hair so groomed now? Did he go somewhere? No he asked the kids to help him prepare for the Di…tutor. Sent them away. Special night.

Soon opens the new life company first specializing in male revitalization. Its mostly athletic club, grooming, career retraining and help. Even some counseling. Why do some move in? Well they need more long term volunteers, and it isn’t permenant after a week or five they go back home. And its like there a new person.

Basically prep the town and then use subliminal training to adapt and unlock talents. Doctor is either Final girl or first lieutenant. At the end its like Cerub Cove and full integrated small town industry for turning residents into his kind of men who on a baselines further the methods of conversion.

Call it “coded to learn”

Grumble DAMN you’re good

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@Darmani okay I just wanted to quickly say that your post is extremely hot and awesome to read. It will take me a bit of time to organize my thoughts on it but I love the set up. Its a very sexy plot outline and series of events. So yeah, very nice.

I know I am sloppy. Feel free to ask for clarification

@Darmani oh no it wasn’t that, it was that it was too good and I don’t know what to say as I enjoyed it quite a lot. Hehe

@Darmani this is my response to your fun post … Its marvelous!!!

I love the fact that he is an art kid using tech to enhance his projects in an audio and visual way. I also like how he goes to the men of the island - men who are downtrodden due to their economic state - and says he can provide some tutoring on a number of subjects that might help them either get new jobs or become a ‘better you’.

I really like the idea of him adjusting how he takes control based on the person he is dealing with. As is what he does with them at first. I also like how as he continues to deepen their trances he also works to make them exercise more, to study more, to be better and such. (Your points on nutrition, hygene and cosmetics is fun).

I also like how he starts off small and goes larger and larger. That more of his tech can be seen in more and more homes, as can the whole changes he is is building within the community. Some might notice things but for the most part they come to like it as it feels good and so they don’t question things. Especially as the for the first time in years things are actually getting better.

I don’t understand this thought. What do you mean?

As a potential future plot development this is cool. I like the idea that he gets contracts with companies to have them send some of their people to the Island, which leads them to becoming good boys and then heading back home revitalized. hehe

Coded to Learn sounds interesting, as is the events that you have written here. I can totally imagine certain scenes with them, very sexy scenes.

So thanks!

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Was going to think director naturally but reminded himself tutor.

Like the agency and j. Edgar Hoover.

It’s becoming his company town now. Heard of the straight mc cherub cove stories? Based on an idea of Midwestern or rural towns filled with some gcb like organizations that alter women to exaggerated slutty roles and bodies. The men, unlike often in these setups, are not untouched becoming hyper masculine bulls.
The idea is he comes back and…does his thing and becomes the guy everyone knows and owes. In one example of the cherub cove formula (calving signs) it’s a skeevy pastor he opens a church which happens to own a local Factory which also provides various products that when they get distributed to people start to have a profound effect.
Here it’s the well meaning art student with tech skills who is back. Only it isn’t in shame or at least while he’s obviously experienced something to Broad he’s not that put out to be back. He is elevating the place.
And turning the town into his project.

He starts all locally. just bootstraps using what’s there but bringing his skills in a way that benefits using everyone else and developing their skills or learning. Like making a bigger studio. More cameras or screens or art pieces or projects. Maybe local plays. New fashion (where from well turns out so and so always had some sewing skill and after some one-on-one tutoring was somehow able to improve it to professional level and they were able to reach rule one of the abandoned warehouses or Mills…plus thrift store or old closets)
Cove has multiple indoctrination methods. Stuff in the water. Clothing. Subliminals. Implants. Candy.

Also as we know the end game is to make movies. It takes a lot to open and setup a studio.
He is making the town his startup and solidifying was my thoughts. No need to copy just I swiped elements. The perspective is usually one person as they watch something like neighbors or family or towns change will they themselves due to one degree or another.
A common one is milk as a motif usually associated with breast and stuff. But in this case I wanted the idea that they’re being exposed to Media that’s being made by someone that they trust that’s also subliminally programming and altering them. Moving the needle Shifting the goalposts changing the environment and the people in it. And help giving them jobs in the new company that’s going to be the new town as well as taking everything that’s around them and recycling it changing it.

This also ties into ideas of the articles that happened a few years ago about long-term Factory workers being out of business and then being encouraged to learn to code. Somehow this student as both Art and Science which arguably is the art of movie making. What with the unification of Highly integrated technical skills and the Artistry of presentation visuals and what have you in order to insert narratives and ideas even faster than you’re consciously aware of all comes together.

And yeah let’s not lie the idea that there’s the secret messages and media that are making the kids gay or what have you also ties into it. But the idea that it’s from someone who sort of knows them and is able to tailor the meeting at so that it Bridges the poor it’s a sort of change and acceptance. In the Calvin signs and cherub Cove formula it’s a return to excessive traditionalism but in a perverse manner. In this case it’s the blithe Spirit showing up and sort of loosening up the town but also in a perverse manner as an integrated them into assets for his Well Company / cult which is something more than a few people said about tech companies out there.

Using his media skills and tutoring gives him the access two people in order to change them. And the changes always seemed to start positive. They feel more energy they are able to get past their depression or at the very least see new possibility. And of course the re-education angle is a big one stuff that seems strange and alien now just seems natural. And it’s not always new things sometimes it’s a reinvention of old things. the rethinking of withered skills and Technology

I realize this is basically just stream of Consciousness and throwing some thoughts out there. And obviously these aren’t super serious things but they’re motifs that you can tap into that will ground the story enough so that when you introduce the eroticism it makes it all the hotter.

As an example the multi-year fully license welder who lost his job seven years ago. The tutor comes back and keep complains about how his computers always buggy. Well keeps decided in order to do something as well as get some seed Capital as he doesn’t have a lot of money from when he came back though he did save a lot of specialized equipment see if you can fix you up. While he disassembling the rig and putting it back together he sees very certifications and his old welding equipment and then he asked if he ever thought about getting into metal sculpting the fire on metal maybe he makes it sound sort of central. Stuff happens the subliminals kick in he starts dreaming and seeing things differently and starts changing aspects of his life without thinking. He really likes the art kit now and wants to artistically Express himself as well the Tudor ever so innocently suggest making a Public Work in origis Play what he’s feeling to work out his thoughts. And it’s this large Central Gathering of metal that very obviously has erotic implications with men sort of ascending in bronze and copper and other metals. He always knew how to work a blowtorch or whatever but now that he’s being tutored he’s found his passion for it increasing as well as his technical ability. And whether this comes to wreck lee from the tutor and subliminal sessions or he feels compelled and starts practicing somehow it’s like it’s increasing his skill and intelligence and he’s absorbing things but he’s absorbing stuff and doesn’t realize he’s doing and it’s making him change but he’s liking the change because of how much more able it does so he doesn’t reject it

That’s another thing in the Cherub Cove Calving signs formula. The burnt-out college student or anti kid who sort of came back or ended up in a rural setting that they held in contempt but it’s finding that what they pursued wasn’t as fulfilling as I thought. In one instance it was a coder who ended up marrying her long-term roommate and moving out into the boonies for an actual good job. But there wasn’t one for her so she had to ultimately be a housekeeper something that she often found that she struggled with and her own love of pot as well as her own anxiety got the better of her so she ends up talking to what she thinks is her mother for taking advice from local periodicals in order to somehow make her life better. this involves her becoming an overly made-up plump sex pot who always agrees with her husband and f**** him constantly. All while eating food that always seems to go to all the right places. Eventually developing much to her own denial and conflicted feelings and attraction to sexist dominant foolish men who she finds herself less and less able to resist just to have sex with and serve because it’s something to give her life purpose and structure to do rather than sit around and rot her brain on television

I am thinking this inverts that. where the Newbie comes in and changes everyone around them and sort of stimulates their brains and their skills changing them to fit roles in the studio. Whether actors directors staffers or what-have-you they all sort of fit in the new company you and consumers sort of fit as well as promo artists and what have you. Not that they all change from out of work blue collar workers to hip and swinging code boys. But so much as there’s a sort of bridge Gap and the structure of a studio sort of comes around about the town. Until of course the tutor takes up the title of director of the town and they take it as a given that the director can come into their homes tell them what to do with their lives and there’s always scripts available that they know how to act out and do.