Mind controller needs army, where best recruit?

Referring to question I’ve been asking what’s a you are mind controller
Over time you can change their bodies and teach them skills, alter feelings,

But this is limited in effort, time and place especially with large groups and if come out of the training phase early will revert to prior preference but with physical changes and skills

Where best in Jersey area to New York recruit your army? You want a collection of skills, and I prefer.them thick with muscle or fat,.
But more change needed longer time.

Say no more than two companies of soldiers?

Change the goal or recruiting area.if.you like

Recruiting for a construction crew but near your area

Maybe a dance crew near where grew.up

Maybe imagine reforming or retraining a place you visited to make into full sexy but still family entertaining circus

Maybe turn va clinic or skid row into some fine educators for local school systems

Just need.some.groubding and ideas either raw.info or what could appeal

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College athletics teams. Lots of time spent together without much scrutiny, mass to work with, meaningful numbers.

Prisons, if you can get access to the staff so you can work freely. Lots of bored people with little to do, so many work out. Might have trouble getting your little army out and mobile though, so they might be a “break in case of emergency” cadre kept in reserve.

Wilderness retreats and other weeks/months-long excursions; small groups that travel a lot and if you have a good timeline you can do a lot before they’re circulated back out.

Excited to see what you come up with!


Thanks for suggestions!

Hmm. Conmtroller won’t know everything if needed to get key skills in group what look for? Method allows transfer and development for those, ya know in it, between persons though some limits

Finally how handle the uhm sending home or what complications or setups from that want to see after ad anceda basic?

Know any special or characterizing prisons or retreats in the areas?

In terms of transferring key skills, take them from off-duty National Guardsmen; Picatinny Arsenal comes to mind. College students in ROTC will also have some limited tactical training, or you can subvert SWAT or other police training to apply.

I don’t live in the area so I don’t know for sure if there are standing retreats or anything, but the Shore is a great place off-season to just have a bunch of men fill up a house and do training on the beach without it looking too out of the usual.

Sending home could be as easy as joining a weekend-away club where they spend half their weekends doing that instead of drinking, clubbing, w/e. For college athletes, they’re going to be in training all the time anyway, so just say you need to go out of town for a match or something.

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ooh ingenious
Check out where also proposed this… careful more uhm hetero and anime biased plus well its based off web originating game/writing prompt called jumpchain

refers to jump docs based on… well all sorts of media and pre-existing properties or collection of narrative devices from genres.

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