Missing Fallen Heroes Challenge story

Does anyone know know/remember the name of a story from the Fallen Heroes" challenge. It was about a new, straight, young actor that was playing a gay lead in a popular teen soap opera. He has scenes opposite an older actor who learns that the newbie got a book that helps hypnotize himself to act better in the role.

The experienced actor was able to get his hands on the book and ultimately reverses the young guys personality. He is “acting” as a straight guy, and his “real” personality is gay.

It was a hot story, that I loved reading and “enjoying” . I have been searching for months with no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance guys,


It’s like it doesn’t exist…

are you certain about the contest entry?

Do you remember any more things about it? Did you leave a comment or rate it?

I am fairly certain about the contest. I did rate it
for the contest, but it unfortunately didn’t win.

The young actor would say “showtime” to go in his trance to “act” whichever character he needed. When he was done he would say “and scene”.

The older actor slowly started having him notice him more, like best friends, then started getting hard around him, and ultimately have feelings for him when “showtime” was said. The big twist at the end was the young actor had just completed the finale for that season, was getting all this praise. He was the “Fallen Hero”. He had gone back to his dressing room and the older actor said “and scene” and the actor “reverted” to his “original personality” which was now gay and in love with him.

Found it.
Yes. Deleted by request of the author.

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I figured as much. Is it possible to know who the author is? If not I understand.

Their entire repertoire and profile are gone. Private reasons I’d wager.
My recent Centaur/merger story was a tribute/reimagining of another deleted-and-sought-after story of theirs.

See here

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He asked me to delete all his stories. He said he wanted to distance himself from those stories for private reasons.

No worries. I understand. Thank you both for helping get some answers. I hope everything works out for him in the end, and he is able to come back.