Missing Stars on New Stories

I feel like I haven’t seen the stars on new stories in a while. I thought they were really useful as they let me know at a glance whether I’d seen a story before.

Have anyone else noticed that they are gone?

I believe the stars were removed to make the interface less cluttered? I think unread stories have a green tint to them now?

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Yes, Norismo is exactly right. Look for the slightly greenish backgrounds on stories and comments, they’ve replaced the green star.

It’s less cluttering and should be easier to spot, too, if you know what to look for.

Okay, I thought there might be something like that. Thanks for letting me know.

ok thats great and all but if your color blind like me all that’s done is remove a really helpful feature.
something symbol based, not even stars just something would be a massive help

Ok, I didn’t consider that and I’m truly sorry for this. I removed the star because I got the feedback that it’s too cluttery.

But of course there are always two sides and this is an example where I just neglected a totally reasonable issue out of ignorance.

One question: Have you tried some of the other themes (you can change the themes in the “Theme” menue)? Some of them might offer a more visible color shade combination, where you can at least see the difference based on the brightness. I would be thankful if you’d at least try that first.

Another helpful detail is the word “NEW” which is embossed in the background. But maybe you can’t see that either. Could you give some feedback on that please?

i can see you stuck new in water mark but im honestly not a good person to ask for help from, half the color spectrum looks like black to me and the other half is shades of grey. if you could run polls or something that may help but from wheat i can see it might work.
sorry i cant be much more help. as i said some symbology might help but that’s the best i can suggest

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I’ve increased the brightness of the green background. I hope that makes it easier to discern it from the usual background even if you’re color blind and it should also make the watermark easier to notice.

Please let me know if this helps you a bit. Also, try the other themes and let me know if one of them works best for you in general. I’d use that to build upon to make a color blind optimized theme.