Morality Corruption


I’m looking for recommendation of stories where a morally good character (i.e. heroes, detective) gets transformed/brainwashed into morally corrupt (villain, whore, slave etc).

It doesn’t have to be a story from GSS, any site would do. I also don’t mind bad endings as long as it doesn’t involve permanent deaths.

Thanks in advance!

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I love Sinister Intentions.
Horny Hugh is over-the-top but definitely fits the description of corruption.

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Thanks! I just read Sinister Intentions and it’s great!
I just wish Tyler resisted more before getting broken.

Yeah I also agree that Wesley Bracken would sometimes go overboard with the corruption, but he still writes good stuff.

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Honestly, instantly thought of Enforcer: Interogation by Baralai when you asked for stories. It’s my go to. I’d also say it’s one of my big kinks, so a few of my stories def utilize the corruption of ‘upstanding Christians’.

Definitely one of my all-time favorites too!

Haven’t seen Baralai lately, hopefully he’s cooking something good…

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