Morally Good Stories

Hey everyone!

I’m looking for stories that are “morally good.” Don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel extremely guilty (and turned off) when reading stories where characters are permanently/fundamentally changed, even if they deserve it.

Things like “forced straight to gay” stories make me feel terrible because a personality died (unless said character chooses to be gay or was gay all along).

I’ll give some examples of what I like:

Bonus points if a straight man gets to enjoy erotic hypnosis, but isn’t “turned gay.”

I appreciate all and any help with this. Thanks in advance!


I’m not sure if my stories would be what you’re looking for, as they’re kind of in between morally good and forced. In most of my stories, the subjects still identify however they did previously, they’re just doing gay things and enjoying them more. Or, in some cases, they were gay all along and just enjoying sex with someone they otherwise wouldn’t. That last bit pretty much sums up all my stories: the subject is doing something they normally wouldn’t do and either thinking its normal or they’re aware they’re doing something different, but they really like it now. You can find my stories here, if you’re interested. If not, no worries…we all have our preferences. I don’t like stories where the subject is unhappy, so I can appreciate where you’re coming from.

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You should take a look at some of @thedirtyspiders stories. I haven’t read every single last story of his, so I can’t promise there isn’t a transformation somewhere you won’t like, but his stories are often surprisingly wholesome though frequently strange.

A lot of us fantasize about straight boys, I think I like it better when it was more of a “he was probably gay/bi all along and didn’t quite realize it” more than the hard conversion. One of my personal favorites that is in that vein is “Meat Lover” 'Meat Lover' by Bramurai - Gay Spiral Stories which doesn’t have the straight to gay tag, as the transformer says when asked if he turned the narrator gay; “Nope, but I probably made you more aware of who you are.”

Some of the forced transformations that take a guy from “straight dude” to “slutty nyphomaniac anal queen” offend my indelicate sensibilities from time to time. To each his own, but I fully understand why some of these stories are more upsetting to you than erotic (and to be honest, some of the “punished homophobe” stories are uncomfortably close to “corrective rape” to be at all tasteful).


Mariposa Honeymoon.

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Hi StonyBrook!

Let me first give you a helpful suggestion: the “tags” function on GSS might help you find a lot of the types of stories you’re looking for. The “Consenusal” tag in particular would be a good one to look for.

Now, a bit of a critique: I wish you’d used a more neutral aesthetic term like “wholesome” rather than describing the stories you like as “morally good.” From your description, I think you’d be turned off by most of my stories (which do often feature drastic personality changes that the main characters are desperately trying to resist). However, I still think of my stories as “morally good” in that they’re usually written with a clear moral compass in mind, often in order to critique systems of domination. I’m proud that they don’t sugarcoat what’s happening to the characters, unlike stories with the “wholesome” aesthetic, which often engage in facile rationalizations for why a character getting mind controlled was “for their own good.” I just wanted to point this out, because “morality” in MC fiction is a very complex issue, and different readers/writers will make very different judgments than you.


I get what you mean. Maybe this one is up to your liking?

I was about to recommend The Coffee Shop but I see you’ve already read it.

I’ve written a few that may fit your criteria there, though I guess in part it depends on where the line falls for you.

'Well wishers' by TickledPink - Gay Spiral Stories

Well wishers is one of my (few) non-straight-to-gay offerings, but there are other changes.

'XXX-Ray Specs' by TickledPink - Gay Spiral Stories

XXX-Ray Specs on the other hand takes the opposite approach, wherein the straight guys are made over into over-the-top gay porn versions of themselves, but the changes are very much non-permanent.

But, yes, by and large most of mine do end with formerly straight men becoming quite enthusiastically gay, but there’s at least a couple of alternatives.

Nacho’s stories are works that might be what you’re looking for. They are “wholesome” and that might be what you’re looking for.

I’ve been mentioned by someone’s own free will?! :scream: :heart_eyes:

Anyways yes, I tend not to shy from morally ‘lovely’ stories. Or sometimes I guess, just “silly little stories” that are neither good nor bad.
Don’t get me wrong, I have some dark stuff too, but, letsee.

A sweet story, quite vanilla on the weirdness:
PizzaDaddy: Daddy Bear / Guidance / Anti-Gay Conversion

Bit of a fantasy fiction suspense, medium on the weirdness:
Abe, The Fugitive: Helping a fugitive / Danger / Mind palace

Full on weirdness!! but still wholesome? (Part I and Part III only up) deals with lots of shit, and quite a lot of para-gender-alien-DNA, male pregnancy, genital…‘misuse’, gender identity, LGBTQAI+ abstract stuff.
The Sea Horse // Ysian series

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oh! I’ve read “Ysian Mating” several times - it’s so weird and so nice!

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Oh, man - feeling guilty over getting off to ‘sad ending’ stories is partly why I started writing my own stuff!

Not to be all “read my stuff, it’s the best,” but… I think it’s what you’re looking for. Almost across the board I aim for unambiguously happy endings where even if someone is permanently changed, it’s because it makes them happier.


Some of my stories have happish endings. I struggle with the moral content of my stories while still making it fantasy. I apologize if you don’t like my stories.

I think my story here 'Getting Anthony Chapter 1' by Max Potter - Gay Spiral Stories qualified as morally good

For me “morally good” is more about the characters acting with consent.

I do share your critique of the “wholesome” tag though. I’m going to be borrowing a fanfiction term, but a lot of the “wholesome” stories have characters acting with “dubious consent”: the characters didn’t asked to be influenced (or they weren’t in the right mind to make a decision) but they (mostly) enjoyed it and they still have most of their personality. Of course the issue with the world “dubious consent” is that it can be pretty ambiguous and can encompass a wide range of character “morality”.

I personally find stories that are slightly crossing the line between consensual and dubious consensual to be hot, but it’s hard to put that into a specific term to search.

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I’m curious to ask.
What would it matter to morality or wholesomeness, if a character did act with ‘dubious consent’?

Just as another point, I guess there’s also that in terms of the story, there’s moral (maybe) and immoral, but also amoral.

For moral-moral, that needs consent. Not dubious consent. But on the other hand, for immoral, that would require intent.

What I mean by that is, for example, a hypnotist who goes around deciding for the straight men around him that they’d be happier as horny cocksluts, and then proceeding to make that a reality, is immoral. Regardless of whether they enjoy their new lives or if given the choice post transformation to go back. Usually because part of the change is enjoying the changes, so there can’t be an uninfluenced choice there.

But, to steal (and mangle) from Star Trek, say the holodeck (OHS nightmare machine) malfunctions, turning off the safeties, and as a result overwriting the players mentally with the characters they’re playing as, and those characters happen to be from “Slutty Captains Explore Uranus IV”. There’s no intent there, so it’s amoral. Both for the initial players (who were presumably into that) and for the hapless engineer transported inside to find his tools have become dildos and his uniform a jockstrap and a colour coded harness, and suddenly his duties include a lot more fighting off invading aliens by rimming them to orgasm. (This idea has started to speak to me, so this may go somewhere).

If the changes are permanent that may be tragic, but not immoral. But still falls under “not good”. Both or neither though I think could be written as (aesthetically) wholesome.

In terms of fiction though, the distinction may not matter to the reader, but just a thought.

Expanding on your point, I think there are also shades of immorality that different people will feel differently about in terms of just how immoral it is. A few examples come to mind. To keep this shorter, the guy in every case is straight to begin with.

  1. The subject is extremely homophobic, possibly violent. He’s hypnotized/transformed/whatever against his will and is miserable but nevertheless permanently changed.

  2. The subject is extremely homophobic, transformed against his will, but happy to have been changed by the end.

  3. The subject is homophobic, but recognizes that and wants to change. The hypnosis/transformation/whatever is only partly consensual in that he wanted to not be homophobic anymore, but is instead transformed to full-on gay behaviour and desires.

  4. Skipping over a few other permutations of that, compare the above with someone who’s not homophobic but is just going about their lives only to be waylaid by some evil person with intent to make him act/feel gay. Is that better? The same? Worse?

  5. On the extreme opposite end of the first bullet, what if the guy is envious of how much more sex gay guys seem to have, wants to be a total slut who gets to have sex every day, and is changed into exactly that.

The last one probably fits the OP’s criteria. The others are more ambiguous and/or not what the OP is looking for at all. The line in the original about forced straight-to-gay making them feel terrible leaves a lot of room for interpretation. What if it was forced, but there’s no death of personality…they’re the same person, even if involuntarily, they just like sex with guys instead of girls now. What if the guy was gay and a top, but is converted to a total pig of a bottom who can’t get enough of sucking guys off and bending over for them? Going back to the straight guy again, what if he’s doing gay things on-demand but still identifies as straight, looks at women, and maybe even still has sex with women?

The shades of grey abound on this topic!

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The whole caveat of “well he was a homophobe, so.” is exactly what I was referring to by corrective rape.

It is widely considered immoral to punish people by sexually violating them, even if they are terrible criminals.

It’s not controversial to say this is immoral, either.

Personally, for me, I find myself more put off by a story that seems to say “Hey, it’s OK because they deserved it.” than a story that more neutrally presents something as “This happened, it’s kinky and messed up but kind of hot because it’s not real.”

Now that, obviously is a controversial opinion just judging by what the output of authors and the reactions of readers is. Generally people seem to feel whatever blow is occuring is softened if the victim deserved it (especially by being a homophobe, or a bully, or a homophobic bully). But for me that’s not the case.

(also, and I shoudn’t even need to say this, but I have never been a homophobic bully at any point in my life, so it’s not that I am feeling personally attacked by these stories. I literally am put off by them because they offend my moral sensibilities.)


I know that for many, “corrective rape”, as you put it, is perfectly fine, at least in fiction. For myself, that’s not something I get off on. While some of my characters are clearly homophobic, I mostly do that as a way of magnifying how much they’re being changed. I can get the same sort of magnification out of making the hypnotist a total creep, making the subject a top-turned-bottom, using incest or other undesirable sexual activities, etc. They all serve the same underlying purpose of domination/submission through change. Ironically, I don’t get anything out of transformation stories, though. Go figure!

We all have different lines we’re not willing to cross, though, and wherever that line is for each of us, I think you hit the nail on the head when you said that for most of us one of the key points is that it’s not real. There’s a shit-ton of stuff that I fantasize about regularly, but if I found out it was happening for real, I’d be the first to call the cops.


Incest is one of those weird ones where I don’t even know why I get off on it. I have zero attraction to my dad. I guess I just think dads are hot - provided it’s not my dad.