More characters of color plz

It’s not that I am anti white. I love reading about naked guys hypnotized to being hard dicked hypno puppets with their mind just a toy to play with. But it’s always the same shade of people. Can we get some Asian, Aribic, Polynesian, Black, Latino and others alike. This could really help open up the fan base and really including all races that love reading your stories.


Totally agree
but frankly I’d also love to see more–and I don’t know if this was your intent or not, I’m just not sure–non-white characters,where their race isn’t like…the theme of the rp? Like raceplay really. isnt something I’m interested in and I Feel like p much all of the stories with characters who aren’t white, they just fall into the extreme racial stereotypes, or they’re white guys transformed into them?


That’s a problem I have too.

I want to include more races but all I’ve ever read is horrible stereotypes that I feel like I’m doing it wrong (same in porn, because every black guy is a thug apparently).

Race change is also something I’d like to do but again it’s hard to demonstrate that without falling into racist characterisations.


I don’t do racial changes in general because I am white. I don’t want to try describing a racial change and having it become a stereotype. A great author once said “Write what you know.” Since I’m white that’s what I write. There does need to be more people of color in stories but enslaving, controlling, and using down people of color just seems racist unless the people writing
the story and/or characters are POCs as well. Straight White Males are fun to manipulate especially the ones with a sense of
entitlement and superiority. I just naturally want to break down that smug exterior and reshape it into something beneficial to society and the gay community in particular. Just my two cents. Peace, CF

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yeah, personally that’s why I don’t write racial changes. I also enjoy fucking with straight white guys for the same reason lol, bringing them down–but not through a racial change because that would feel really kind of. uncomfortable if not racist to me, ‘punishing’ a character by race changes.

However, writing a character who’s another race where that’s not in itself the actual focus of the story might be different? Where it’s just an aspect of character, but not the theme of the story. I’m not sure.


I’m afraid I fall into the same camp as the others commenting here in that I try to avoid doing anything inadvertently offensive. In my “Six Pack” story, I tried to make it clear that the ethnicity changes were heightened stereotypes built into the formula that the guys were drinking, which seems to be the route Baralai takes in the “Hímringyó” stories too. I’ve also played with race a bit in the “X-Dream Makeover” stories, but I would definitely consider writing more stories centered on POC if I had a solid premise and was confident that I wouldn’t come off too obviously as a clueless white guy. Same with trans characters, as has been brought up in another thread here.


Not to go too off topic since that’s my thread on trans characters–but I feel maybe one option could be just to reach out and ask if what you’re doing comes off as clueless, what’s offensive and what’s not? I mean, everyone will have different opinions, but it could still help. I know I’d be glad to talk to anyone interested in trying to write trans characters, though I understand the hesitance to bother, since it can be stressful, worrying about whether you’re doing all right or not.


Thanks for the offer! I would be happy to take you up on that if I decide to include any trans characters in future stories. What would usually have kept me from reaching out for such help in the past is that pretty much everyone here is anonymous or pseudonymous, so I wouldn’t have known who to ask about a given subject matter. This message board should facilitate that kind of communication much better in the future.


Yeah, I think so! I’m really glad for this forum, honestly, it is definitely going to help everyone with communicating and more collaborative stuff.


As people have highlighted, it’s easier to “write what you know” and, unless that person has done a lot of research, or is very confident in what they’re writing, then it could risk coming across as offensive, especially since the focus on the site is mind control fiction, so having anyone non-white being controlled by someone white could be looked on poorly.

Race is usually only highlighted if it’s relevant to the story itself, and that usually involves racial changes or comparisons. I find a lot of stories can have characters generic enough that you can just insert whatever race you want as long as you don’t need it to specifically feel like it’s meant to be a true native, but since a lot of writers here are probably from English speaking and focused cultures, they won’t have the adequate knowledge to write about people from other cultures.

And this is meant to be more about fun fetish fiction after all, so people probably tend not to think about it that much and just write what helps get them off.


Of the same opinion. More CoCs would be great. I don’t think it’s too touchy as long as you just treat the characters like you would a default-white one: I found AgainstMyWill and Wrestlr respectively did a great job writing minorities in Boy Smell/Dedicated. They were just guys who happened to be Asian/Black, respectively. No creepy raceplay or stereotyping involved, just the mention of their race. These stories were super memorable to me because the author said they weren’t white and didn’t fumble it at all.


I’m so glad to see the community feels this way and second the notion. I’d also follow along with what 11037 said. Obviously some deeper character explorations can benefit from personal knowledge but if you’re writing a sexy story sometimes all it takes is describing a different hairstyle or shade when you’re talking about someone. Don’t be afraid to make the leap and write outside your own race. Think about POC you know and just think of round character, nonstereotypical.
I hear George Lucas never even fought in a Star War!

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this made me laugh but yeah–write what you know can be great advice but it also doesn’t have to be all you write! It can even help you learn something to write about something you DON’T know, though being open to criticism and being conscientious about what you’re putting out there is important.

I don’t think it’s necessary, most stories don’t specify race so you can insert whatever you want, it only matters in race change stories which would be nice to see more of.

I do agree that a wider variety of ethnic representation in the stories we write and read would be of benefit for everybody. I like the advice given so far: to move past the fears of offending others and be brave enough to start trying to include all sorts of people, other than the ones we feel closer to.

But I also understand that this in its core points to another issue: if there’s a lower representation of people other than your average white American guy, it might be because a majority of the writers in this site may belong to that section of the population. Thus, maybe we don’t only need people daring to write about other ethnicities, but also people of other ethnicities daring to start writing what they’d like to see.

The good thing about this place is that it seems to be quiet inclusive in this department. I’d dare say this is a great place for those who don’t feel represented to start trying and write about what they wanna see here. (and god I’d love to see that happening!)


Apart from one of my stories [The Restoration] all my stories have featured people of different ethnic groups. Sometimes the characters are dominant, sometimes submissive. I felt for a long time that most stories on here were totally ‘white’ and I have attempted to balance this.


I’ve mostly focussed on White and Latino characters in my stories because those tend to be the people I’m attracted to most often myself, so those are the people I think of as subs or sometimes 'tists. Of course, that’s not an exclusive preference, and I’ve been planning for a while now on having a gay black character (inspired by the boyishly hot Noah Gray-Cabey) in Web of Trust, though it won’t be for several chapters yet.

I know I’m repeating what others have said, but the concern for me in writing that chapter, since we’re inside his head, is how much race should come into the story. Peter (the 'tist) probably wouldn’t really think much about it, but it might be unrealistic to not mention it at all, since all the subs we’ve seen of Peter’s so far have been White or Latino (though in my head, that’s no more of an exclusive preference for him than it is for me). And then there’s how much the character himself thinks about it. I have no clue whether or how much race would be a factor for the character in any given situation.

My tentative solution was just going to be the same as what 11037 said earlier and not mention it or have the character really think of it at all. It really won’t be a factor in the storyline itself, so to some degree, that might make sense. But I’m not sure that’s necessarily the right way to go either. It seems to me that if a Black guy finds himself in a house where everyone else is White and maybe there’s one Latino guy (haven’t really decided on house make-up yet), he’s probably gonna notice that at some point.

Gah! The dubious joys of being an author… :wink:

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I have a story where the main character is Asian. I just prefer to “write what I know,” so I’m hesitant to expand on racial components that may seem…I dunno, insensitive? Like I’ll gladly mention a character is black/Latino/etc. but sometimes I feel like that’s a bit cheap.

But hey, if that’s all that’s wanted, hooray.

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I’m glad to see my post is so well discussed, I understand writing what you know. The is really no way to write what you don’t know. But as a black man I what to put out there that is the subject is black and the hypnotists not we are not offended, someone has to be controlled in the story for it to work. It terms of stereotypes just write like you would anyone else, there is a story by mindbinder called leathernecks ( ) where he brings in race masterfully without falling into the trap of type casting. But it you hit a few stereotypes that is ok. Stereotypes are just ambiguous fact blown way out of proportion, just don’t think you have to use all of them in one person, that is when it gets disrespectful.


Crazy Fat Asains would be hot (+_+)