My Hampton Field Series

I had just a small request and it seemed like the best place to ask so one of the admins can see it.

When I entered the name for my series, the system told me that it already existed for another author so I changed the name. However, I cannot find that other series.

Could someone change my series name from “The Hampton Field (Mafisto)” to just “The Hampton Field”?

Also, when I see the series name, there’s no icons next to it but there are some icons for my first chapter. I thought it compiled the best rating for each catecory? I may have missed something.

Thanks! And you can delete the present topic once it’s taken care of so as not to polute the forum.

It seems you confused the system yourself somehow. There are two stories which you have deleted, one of which was assigned to a series called “The Hampton Field”.

Anyway, I removed the deleted stories from the series and added the two published stories to the series with that name. So it should be fixed now.

(In general: Please don’t delete and resubmit stories, you can always edit the existing stories to be correct. Otherwise the number of deleted dead stories is getting bigger and bigger).

OK thanks, that explains it. I was looking at the full preview and doing back in the browser to fix things, and then seve + preview again. That created two stories and I deleted one. I’ll watch out for that. Thanks for the mini-preview BTW, it’s really helpful. But I still see some errors only in the full preview, and once it’s saved to be able to preview, I have to submit an edit for my fixes even though I’m not actually finished with it.

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Browser Back is evil :slight_smile:

Just always click edit, that’s much saver. But I guess based on your experience, I’ll actively disable or handle browser back myself, to avoid this from happening. It never occurred to me that people would do that (which is a typical problem of sw developers, not your fault).

For some reason now, my avatar has disappeared from the main listing. I don’t know if it’s a local problem. I deleted my cache but it still doesn’t show but I see other avatars.

I see it everywhere except in the home page of Gay Spiral

Oh my… 1001 copies of “An Afternoon with the Rugby Stars”… you love your back button!!!

The missing avatar should be fixed (you weren’t listed as the owner of your series somehow). Due to caching you might not see the fix, though (just wait until the next new story is posted then the cache is cleared).

Sorry I’m full of questions today. What’s the limit for image space per story?

There is no limit. There is just an overall quota for the total memory space for all the images you upload to GSS (as shown on the upload dialog).

See this bar:

(White on yellow is almost unreadable, I have to admit :frowning: )

OK, I’m already at 1.2 MB with just two stories. So I shouldn’t worry about the 2 MB limit, it’s just a quota?

It’s just that I have this issue with my own site with the https so I enjoyed uploading the pics here.

I have to limit the amount of data each user can upload as I have to pay for the storage in the DB. I might increase the quota if it turns out that the current limit doesn’t cause a big impact for me.

If you want to add more stories with that amount of images, you’ll reach the quota soon. I expected that people put 2-4 images into one story, however, you really loved to add loads of images to this story :slight_smile: Which is fine by me, but you’re using up your quota quite quickly that way.

You can get a larger quota by becoming a Sponsor (10 MB for the 1$ tier, 100MB for the 3$ tier).

Or you use externally hosted images. Or you reduce the number if images in that story later (after it has been up for a while).

It’s OK, I just became a $3 tier sponsor. I should have 100 MB now.

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Thanks for all your answers!

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@Martin Another question is for the series itself, it does not show the icons for the ratings, only the latest story does.

Both stories in that series are too young to have public rating badges yet.

You as the author get to see them on the story before that date as a courtesy for the author. But I guess that might be confusing and I should probably disable that.

Currently, the badges will become public 10 days after publishing a story.

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