Nanites Amok

Hi all! I’m Dace, the guy who’s writing the Nanites Amok story. I’m a 30s gay man in the US and I’ve been writing erotica on and off for fun these last few years. I’ve been getting in to mind-control and other sf/fantasy style erotica in the last year or so and I’m really glad to have found this (kinky, sexy, creative) wonderful community!

I’m planning on making this a pretty long-term project and would love ideas about situations/scenarios you’d like to read about in this series. I’ve got like, ten planned out already and some thoughts for a time-skip ahead where some of the long-term implications of the nanites are more clear, but the first and most important goal of this thing is writing something people want to read!

I’m also happy to answer some questions about how the nanites work/what’s up with that, since I haven’t got far into that with the actual stories yet. I might RAFO (Read and Find Out) a few areas I intend to flesh out in a story but I’m happy to chat ideas or inspiration otherwise. :smile:

Happy strokin’!

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Many types of mind control are fun to read. But for me what makes it really rewarding are the characters and how they deal with the situations. I think I might be in the minority in loving to watch a character struggle against some impending mind control take-over. In general, I think what draws people in are not necessarily the mind control but characters in whom they can empathize, with whom they can identify (at least in part). Don’t forget about that aspect of writing.

Good luck on your writing!

Thanks! I’m definitely walking a fine line between what the characters know about their own mental states and what the readers will enjoy as the mind-altering effects kick in. The next chapter I’m writing has a gay guy who is weirded out by how comfortable he suddenly his with the idea of eating cum, which hadn’t previously been his Thing, and then confronting it as the nanites try to shut down the surprise/disgust reflexes. It’s been a challenging thing to write, and I think for some future characters I might make that struggle more obvious by giving them a mental awareness or forewarning of what’s going on. After all, sooner or later these guys are going to figure out their cum is turning people gay, not just making them extremely horny and “thirsty.”


Links to previous work?

Oh, that’s right! The author name and my email address are different than my account name. I’m Dace McGraw, writing this stuff:

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