Need a sub writer

Hey. Master Primus here. I have written many chapters on this site and I cannot continue writing cuz of busy schedule and boredom. If anybody is interested in writing my story on my instructions then send me an email. Thanx

Maybe I’m missing something here, but why would anyone take you up on this offer? You don’t seem to be seeking an actual collaborator, but rather a “sub writer” who will do a lot of hard work while following your “instructions” to execute your vision. What would be in it for them?

I’m an online master and train slaves online. I write stories as well and many readers who are submissive readers email me and then I discuss with them if they want to become my slave? If yes then I train them so that they get sexually satisfied…and if any one of them is a good writer they write for me to please me. That is how it goes.

I would be interested Sir. If you like what I write, I’d like to hear more about this.