Need help finding these story theme

I’m looking for a transformation story. But it must be transformed from human to another state of being. For example, human to monster/alien/Robot.

If the end result is still human, it didn’t count. However, I might accept the reverse from others being to human.

Most transformation tags are Race change from American to Latino/Asian or muscle/age increase/decrease, I want full transformation.

Pls help me. BTW, no Scat (Piss is ok but on Chit) nor feminization.

Orc, robot, statue, inanimate are very common transformation keywords or tags on this site and others

Yeah but most of the time, it just a mental thing like it was his mind that becomes a drone, there is no change to his body, same as a statue, it just his body frozen and can’t move.

Orc is most common when it comes to transformation but it mostly just orc fuc*ing mc, want full sequence on that the person in question is physically transforming.

Most of the orc stories I’ve read are full on transformation. Try using the transformation keyword in conjunction with the others. The metsbods site is good for such stories too. is another site with some more “out there” transformations

There are some good werewolf stories. You can check out my “Fulfilling Their Destiny.” It’s not werewolf but the wrestling team meets a similar fate, more domesticated shall we say. First story I posted up here. The paragraphs are not spaced so it’s a bit awkward to read