Need help on how to publish my story

Hello sir, my name is mary and i have been trying to publish my stories but no avail.

I have a site which i wonna share some of my story to gaykinky pls sir help me check stig

Hi Stig,

I’ve already seen your website. I believe it was linked in some earilier versions of this story: Hypno University - Gay Kinky Stories

Anyway, I’ll gladly help you with publishing your story, you just have to tell me what your problem is. You can always contact me on Discord as well (click the Discord button on the right of GayKinky’s menu and DM me there, my name is “Martin” there as well) so I can guide you through the process.

Bye, Martin

Ok thank sir.

The error massage always show up when every i try to publish my story to gayspiral.

What error message? What does it say exactly?

One tag error, and last is mim post is 2000 and my story is 2500 words.

Let me drop the screen :point_down:

I can’t see any screen.

You have to add at least 4 tags, and one of them has to be either “1st person”, “2nd person” or “3rd person”, depending on which perspective your story is told from (if you don’t know, select “3rd person”).

And the minimum for stories is 1000 words.