need some inspo

Hey guys! Wonderbread here. I’ve written two stories so far that did really well, and I want to write another two in the series. It’s mostly about caricature straight guy being turned into caricature gay guys by an unseen force, but I’m a little hung up. What would you like to see?

I like many of the straight-to-gay stories, especially when the subject takes on an obvious stereotyped trait (like a lisp which is better expressed in writing than gesticulations). It would be nice to see a situation where the change is linked to something deeper. Maybe the guy becomes a better actor/sculptor/painter etc. because he’s turned gay. Or maybe he becomes a better therapist (he gets into replicating the inner lives of his patients). Or maybe he’s a lawyer defending a client (he learns to comprehend seduction and abuse - could be drawn from the headlines).

Another characteristic I like about transformation stories is when the subject realizes it’s happening and doesn’t want it - even protests - but he inexorably becomes gay.

Go for it!