Needs scene ideas

Cannot provide all of them but set up.
As part of
my last jump is generic mind control
Which allows crossovers already marked to mixing in
Parasite Eve
True Blood
Metal Slug
Megas XLR
Franken Fran
Generic hentai
Planning to take the scoundrel line, especial for Ruined for Marriage and the capstone, slave seal.
Mainly making a character with many abilities. His blowout plan is him and imported companions along with recruited locals piling into MEGAS or other ship and slowboat to the future, travelling with relativity in effect to 3035 with Kiva, Coop, Jamie, Gina, Tiny and his gang, and (of course sneaking along) skippy. Plus more likable folks from my frankenstein of a setting
Will spend [small amount of time] on way as to thousands of years to get 'home’ for the decisive battle against the alien empire against mankind
The trip is not merely the pleasure cruise you might think. The bulk of the passengers are going to have to enhance change and train to be Men of Destiny, badass fighter pilots sci-fi engineer or [whatever else is needed in order to make that decisive Victory against the aliens who are devastating the future]
Or at least that’s the ostensible reason I’ll be giving for why we’re going to both take our time and any things that I introduced and train in and taking so long
I’m going to be changing a bunch of Jersey motorheads, or other distinct crowds into space Calvary to liberate the future but they’re also going to be finding themselves in a sequestered setting dedicated and hooking up and becoming my little stable/garden of delights
I have any number of powers that I can potentially pervert and apply to both outcomes. Mainly looking for scenes, pairings and ideas to help me focus and write with this set up.
decided on that I have is using the perk called ruined for marriage noted for not only when you hook up making your lovers unpleasable but by you but being able to subtly train them to have new proclivities, fetishes, or desires by exposing to such directing material

Links provided give idea of capabilities to apply.

So What if on a long ship with some yahoos or other eager draftees from nerds to auto enthusiasts, bar owners to geeks [other interesting examples from settings]
Any augments granted will be permenant need consent to remove them
Meaning also still will have enough free will to do so this is corruption/seduction/change not hijacking, unless ask for it
We will head back allowing them to leave ‘the service’ back to their lives, so have to consider that factor too, more than powerful enough to win even personally and even, minus excessively peculiar deaths, insure recovery of anyone, just more need more people to act and how thoroughly win and how soon
In that setup what want see? Persons? perspectives? Various outcomes, methods?
examples so far as stuck

  • Will be training in space engineering and adjusting, sharing Coop’s talent but assigning duties to practice to full, the more feel for the ship/megas, more attracted, turned on frisky to it. soon estastic just laying against the machine.
  • On board training program, from VR helms, carved out obstacle courses, and jury rigged gyms.
  • Pair to trio assignments.
  • Gamify currency for upgrades, each adjusting sensation, input, and so on
  • Getting more pay in expensive goods or tested augments to be a test body for other PEDs and techniques and augmentations.
  • Galatea- their ship/mecha as themselves- pygmalion
  • “Final” step is this or point of no return is accepting this
    Heart-Shaped Crest (600 CP)
    It’s not a wedding ring but for a Scoundrel it’s probably better. This crest is a design for a slave
    tattoo which can be placed on a willing target, traditionally just over the womb or navel or
    around the throat like a collar. Any attempt at coercion when placing the crest will rob it of its
    power, and the bearer can revoke that consent at a later time with a significant exertion of will.
    But if you’re a good Scoundrel that’ll never happen.
    Accepting this crest represents the bearer effectively signing over their body to the ownership of
    a jumper who has thoroughly conquered it. As such, the jumper can cause the bearer to
    experience any desired level of sexual pleasure on command, from a mild tingling to
    uncontrollable orgasms and anywhere in between. They can also inhibit the same feelings for
    denial play. Time and space are no obstacle for the crest’s powers, and if placed on a
    companion it can even be used on them when they aren’t present in the current jump. It can
    also store “programs” to inflict these feelings automatically on selected triggers.
    As fun as this might be on its own, it’s actually only the crest’s secondary purpose. Its main use
    is as a training aid, making the branded slave highly receptive to new information imparted by
    the master. Any training performed by the user that incorporates a sexual component will be five
    times as effective as normal. If used in conjunction with the Hot for Teacher​ perk the effects of
    both perks stack multiplicatively instead of additively, allowing the jumper’s slaves to learn new
    skills and powers at breakneck speeds.

Yeah could use advice or prompts for the setup given