New idea: "Featured story"

Hi guys!

Behind the curtains, the admin team and myself are currently very busy cleaning up all the tags. This will still take some time.

As a side effect, you might have noticed that it’s now possible to add and delete tags on existing stories (everyone can do that, not just the author).

There is a huge amount of stories with insufficient or no tags whatsoever. And, as I’ve described before, there’s also the new “category” I want to add to each story.

But how to fix all the existing stories? I’m going to write an algorithm that will try to attach a category based on existing tags. But that will only cover a certain number of stories, there’ll be many many stories left with no category.

I have an idea to fix that which also has a nice side effect:

I want to add “featured stories”. They’d be selected randomly among the stories (at first only selecting stories which have to be categorized and tagged). Each story would be at the top of the list for a given time. My plan is to select one story per day and keep three stories at the top, so that each story would be listed as a featured story for three days.

Any user can now set the category (if it’s not set already) and add or delete tags.

This way, we also resurrect some of the buried stories in the database… there are certainly treasures there which you never have seen before.

What do you think about that idea?

I think finding ways to make people aware of older stories could be an excellent idea.

I love it, personally! Draws attention to older stories and hopefully gets them tagged nicely so they’re easier to find for people later on.

Sounds good to me. Hidden treasures sound intriguing.

To me “featured story” says something selected and recommended. Picking featured stories at random doesn’t sound like a good idea to me. Other than that, I like it.

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I kinda agree with this. “Featured” may give a wrong impression. Much as I hate to say it 'cause I hate the phrase…Throwback Tales?

Maybe another name buuuuuuuuuuut, its a nice feature

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If you could figure some way to display both new stories and have “stories in need of tags” - that would be good.

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Of course the old system of showing the stories/series in the order they’ve been submitted will be left unchanged.

The featured series (I have to make clear, that I’m usually talking about series here) would be displayed in a separate widget above the current list. Initially showing three of them, when you start. The widget can be closed altogether, which would remove all featured series from the display. Or it can be expanded to show older ones.

If you can find a better term than “featured”, I’m open for suggestions. It’s not meant as trophy or quality sign. But for me “featured” sounds exactly like the thing it’s meant to be.

I was also going to agree with the idea, but complain about the name, but opted not to comment anything as I didn’t have a suggestion. The reason I am opposed to the term “Featured” is that, to me, it indicates a sense of quality and deliberation in choosing the story. If the story is randomly chosen neither quality or deliberation (from you/other moderators) plays a part. By the definition of “featured”, it works, but not by the word’s connotations.

Even “Random Story of the Day” is a better name in that regard, though it’s obviously not very snazzy. Happy Ending’s “Throwback Tales” is great, if you ensure that only stories older than, say, two months can pop up there.

Maybe I’ll just use “Random Story of the day” :slight_smile:


Sounds like a great idea!

I like Throwback Tales. I was going to suggest Blast From The Past stories, of From The Archive. Anything other than Featured.

OMG yes, we need it, a section with all the stories without tags so people can go and tag them!

I’m a bit concerned about the idea that anyone can add or delete tags. It’s probably a good idea for the older stories where the author is no longer active, but I can easily envision “tag wars” between authors and readers or between different readers. I know it would be more complex, but perhaps a vote-like system could be implemented, where if a story gets X votes for a tag, the tag gets added? Or maybe have author-approved vs suggested tags?

I don’t mind readers having the ability to add tags, but I would give the author the ability to remove tags they do not agree with. Ultimately, the author should have the final say over all aspects of their story - including tags.

I hear you and this is one of my concerns, too.

But, this site has proven itself to have one of the most adult communities (nice pun…) I’ve ever seen. So I’ll try to keep it open for a while. I might add a feature that an author can lock the tags himself if this seems necessary or if the authors demand it.


honestly I don’t feel like it would be too big a problem to allow it to be community-editable
if people can remove tags then yeah the author can remove any that aren’t accurate but I don’t think people are going to be hunting for stories and say, de-tagging them to make them less readable. Like Martin said–so far this community seems pretty mature ever since the creation of the forum. And even before then, the comment sections of stories honestly always gave me the vibe that people here are for the most part, not trolls.