New Site Idea

Hey y’all,

I have an idea. Recently I’ve been reading up on the Black New World Order (BNWO) and a little bit of the Muslim New World Order (MNWO) and Asian New World Order (ANWO) and I realised that while I found it quite hot, the subjugation and humiliation of white boys, it’s really hard to find a good site out there to read the stories about this kind of thing.

I know for a fact that the communities that subscribe to this particular kink are quite large (and rightly so, as a white person myself I absolutely understand the attraction in getting back). I have been reading that first chapter of the new story A Cure for White Boys by B. N. Woodlock and I realised that this family of sites would make a great foundation for a New World Order site, NWO site. We market it as specifically the hosting sub for stories like that and it would bring in a lot of people and great authors to our community.

I think a sister site is needed more then just tags because there’s a million tags describing this (JOS, BNWO etc) which is why it’s often difficult to find stories like it online. Hell, we could even put a WCWO (white current world order) section if that tickles your fancy. Obviously, the substantial and reasonable concerns of the racial elements at play on this site would need to be considered, but I’d point out that gay spiral stories has always sat on the line in terms of the fictional ethics of hypnosis, as does gay collar stories in its own right.

We are a safe and respectful community because we act as a managed safe haven of these taboo sexy topics. Why not provide that community with a sanctuary of their own and let in the great stories that come with it?

Let me know your thoughts!

Hey there,

Just some thoughts, not in any official capacity. This archive started out as a hypnosis site that then sort of became a magical transformation site alongside that, which is why there is a distinctive category for it. Since then, the sites that were added a couple of years ago have tried to put together as many categories into one site as possible, so as not to have something somewhat niche that wouldn’t give authors the audience that they might want.

BNWO and other raceplay stories already fit into the existing categories and are already allowed on the site. Rather than having a whole site, my suggestion might be to ask for the addition of a tag that people could use to flag BNWO stories specifically, then encourage people to use it. There would only be one tag available and we encourage people not to create duplicate tags already, so that could take care of categorization.

They otherwise fit into what we already have (broadly speaking, general kink, hypnosis [the original purpose of the archive], romance, and BDSM), is my thought. And, it would allow those stories to find a wider audience without the additional expense of maintaining another site.

ETA: There is also a “feature request” category for the forum and you probably want to stick a question like this there.