NEW SITE IS UP: Gay Cupid Stories

Gay Cupid Stories is finally online and available to everyone!

I’m extremely happy to finally be able to open the next step for our community. A second site called “Gay Cupid Stories” has been opened. It’s meant to be a place to share the more romantic, loving side of gay relationships.

It’s just the first of a couple of websites that are going to be established in the close future. Among them will be “Gay Collar Stories” and “Gay Gear Stories”. I’ll leave it to your imagination to figure out what they will be about.

First my thanks have to go to all the people who helped me with creating this site, among them:

  • @Hijaden (Twitter) - who created the amazing, cute and hot Cupid rendering
  • @kuro (Profile) - who created the home page design with the clouds and the main text (I added the idea with the animated multi-layered clouds).
  • tfamanto - who created the site’s logo (the cupid’s bow) and the new rating icon for romance.

I hope you like the new site!

Please note that stories can be shared between the sites, if it’s appropriate for them. So we took the liberty of listing some older stories from GaySpiral on GayCupid as well, if they seemed to be sufficiently romantic. But there are also some brand new stories exclusively for GayCupid already available right now, and I hope there’ll be many more soon!

If you have questions about the new site, don’t hesitate to ask me (here in this thread or anywhere else). Same if you see anything that doesn’t seem to work properly.

Have fun!



I think Mariposa Honeymoon should be there. :slight_smile:


I’ve assigned the site to that series, thank you for this suggestions. Please, if there are any other suggestions for suitable series, let me know!


I think you wanted to “note” there…

I was briefly confusion, until I read a bit more.


Fixed it!

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Congrats Martin! This is really impressive and awesome. It’s a great way to provide writers with a differently branded platform, where their stories don’t have to have mind control or one of its variants. It’ll also help readers find stuff that isn’t GSS specific. So much good romance writing out there, and it’ll be great to see more.


Hey, is this the place to request tags for the site?

I have a romance I’m planning to post on that site, but sadism, masochism, and trust kink are one of the major driving forces of the romantic tension. I can’t find sadism and masochism listed in the kinks - I think, even if S/M isn’t a major focus of the site, the tags should still be there so people know what they’re walking into!


EDIT: I just found “pain play”. If you think that’s a sufficient kink to describe S/M, I’m happy with it!

EDIT 2: Could we add “slice of life” as a tag?

Generally it’s fine to create a new tag if you think it’ll apply to one or more stories! I think we’ll have to be on the lookout for tropes and genre features on the new site as things get rolling.

We will soon start a new site called GayCollarStories which is perfectly suitable for the stories you have in mind. Just wait a couple weeks!

Having said that, anyone can add tags, as @Dace just written. The warning that pops up is just there to make people consider if they REALLY need that tag. If it’s too specific, so that the story tagged with it will probably remain the only story using that tag forever, then it doesn’t serve any purpose.

What does the tag “slice of life” refer to?

“Slice of life” is a tag that represents stories (or sections of stories) that don’t have action, thriller elements, etc. - just normal life, whether fantastical or otherwise.

Thinking about it, though, that’s most stories here.

When it comes to the story - if it is explicitly and heavily a romance, where the pain kink is the driver of the tension, does that make it suitable for both sites, or would you prefer that a story which has a focus on BDSM kink material stay on GayCollarStories only?

EDIT: I just read in another post on this forum that stories “can and should” be cross-posted between sites if they fit well on more than one of them, so that answers my question (unless that stance has changed).

Of course that hasn’t changed. That’s the whole idea behind this all. I just would like to ask you to be patient for a couple of weeks until GayCollar is up (because that seems to be the primary theme of your story). When posting it, you’ll be able to select which additional sites that story should be available on.


Well, I have an idea for a story; at first, I was going to put it up on Spiral but I think it might be better for Cupid alone. Want to write an Arthurian-style old-school romance between two knights.


Do we need to create a separate log-in and ID for the Cupid site?


No, it’s the same account, but you have to log in once again on the new site.


I’m flattered that you suggested “Mariposa Honeymoon”. I was just about to ask if anyone thought any of my stories would be a good fit for the new site. Any other stories of mine that felt particularly romantic?


HI @Cris_Kane - I took a quick glance at your list of works and I confess that I’ve not read many of them, and those that I have were so long ago I’d need to review. But Mariposa was so intriguing and gripping that it immediately sprung to mind.

You mean you haven’t memorized my entire output??? Shame on you.

The other story of mine that I recall a bunch of people saying they found moving was “21-Year-Old Scotch”, so @Martin might consider adding it to the new site.


You could do that yourself (simply edit and add as an additional site), but I took care of that for you, Chris.

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Okay, I’ll keep that in mind for future stories. Thanks!